World Summit Award and what it actually means

WSA winner 2015So we’ve been bragging about winning a WSA award lately quite a lot and with the main congress just passed, we’re ready to give you more information on what it is and why it is significant.

WSA Singapore AwardTo begin with, WSA is the United Nations based World Summit Award Social Innovation Congress that honours digital innovations creating sustainable social change and impact world-wide. Every year, WSA chooses 40 best e-solutions in 8 categories from all 193 member states. The 3 day congress in Singapore has wrapped up the successful edition of world’s top digital content in 2015. During the 3 days Congress in Singapore, the selected best of digital start-ups, young entrepreneurs and distinguished experts from around the globe offered outstanding examples and insights of how digital technologies drive the United Nations agenda for the Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG’s).

What it means for us to be amongst the top 5 best e-learning and science solutions in the UN?

First of all, this is by far the biggest recognition that Bliu Bliu has had to date and the first global award that we won! It means that our language learning methodology is making sustainable impact locally and globally and is getting worldwide recognition.

It also acknowledges the innovative approach that we’re taking to language learning that is otherwise a very traditional process defined by billions and only questions by few.

For us personally, it is the greatest encouragement to continue adding more languages, better content and easier ways to consume content at individual level.  

Additionally, we are super proud to be part of WSA community of social entrepreneurs who are making sustainable impact across the globe. Some of the other winners include:

  • Coderdojo that is an open source, volunteer led, global movement offering free programming clubs for young people.
  • MIROCULUS low-cost, open source device that can easily and affordably check for cancer using a single blood sample.
  • Social Coin help enterprises, smart cities, and universities to achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals by engaging communities in acts of altruism and community-building.
  • PARE 360 an empowering violence prevention tool that allows children to combat bullying through anonymous reporting and involvement in schools.
  • In the absence of a formal Emergency Medical System in developing countries, the majority of accident victims with potentially survivable injuries die before they reach a hospital. Criticalink uses an innovative dispatch system and location-based mobile technology to save these lives by providing roadside accident victims with emergency medical care through a network of volunteer First Responders.


As you can see, WSA is much more than award. It is a community of people who don’t wait for someone to solve their or their neighbours’ problems and instead takes action to solve them with digital technologies.

WSA communityOver the 3 days event in Singapore we took part in workshops, meetings, discussions and lots of social activities with greatest entrepreneurs of today. We came back full of ideas, inspirations, new connections and friends who will hopefully contribute to Bliu Bliu’s goal to bring more languages to more people across the globe!

You can check out the pictures from the event on our Facebook.

And don’t forget to let us know if you’d like to find out more about WSA, the congress or Bliu Bliu! :-)

Milda & Odeta Bliu Bliu Team

Milda & Odeta, Bliu Bliu