Why it is so easy to learn italian

  1. Why it is so easy to learn italian
  2. Why it’s so hard to learn english for italians?

1. Why it is so easy to learn italian

If you study italian at school, starting from the grammar, it will take you ages to be able to speak and understand it. But if you move to Italy you can be sure to become fluent in 3/6 months.

  • Italians don’t speak english, at all, they speak only italian
  • Italians talk to you all the time
  • They  talk to you even if you don’t understand a word
  • Italians make sure you understand, talking slower, louder, using their hands, their body
  • Everybody has something to tell you: total strangers, kids, adults, old people
  • The TV and the Radio are in italian, only in italian

In Italy you get full time exposure to italian language, with no breaks. You can’t avoid to get exposed to italian. Italy (THE NATION) makes sure you get so exposed to the language that after 3/6 months it gets stucked in you! You can’t escape it!

2. Why it is so hard to learn english for italians

Italians start to study english at school, around 12/14 yo or even earlier. We study 3/5 hours a week plus lot of homework.

50% of the music italians consume is in english. Italians  know the lyrics of many many songs and they love to sing, all the time, not just in the shower.

But still, even after all the grammar and the music, Italians can’t speak/understand english. When they go abroad they are not able to say or understand anything, not even the most simple conversation.

Why? Maybe because

  • movies are translated and 

  • Brad Pitt speaks fluent italian?

In Italy you get 0 exposure to the real english language.
The little exposure you get from music doesn’t help. MUSIC helps with vocabulary and italians knows lot of english vocabulary, how to write them and what they mean, but knowing the words doesn’t help with understanding.

When Italian people travel, they  can’t understand anything people tell them. They can make them self understood by using few words and body language but I would not call that communication.

An italian in London will get himself understood even by speaking only italian, no problem with that, but you can make sure he won’t understand a single word people will tell him. ZERO!

EXPOSURE to the real language is what will make you good: constant exposure to contents you are interested in, spoken to you constantly in the language you are learning.

How did I learn to speak in english? By watching FRIENDS, the tv serie. I realized that after 10 series I could magically understand most of the conversations in the real life and I was confident enough to take part, to say my opinion, to suggest something.

If Friends would be spoken in all the language, doing it professionally with 6 fine voices replacing the 6 original ones, you would only need to watch the 10 series of FRIENDS to learn the basic conversational skills. Even if you start from ZERO they will keep talking to you over and over about the same things and at some point you will start to understand something.

This is why Bliu Bliu was born. We want to prove that grammar won’t save you, you need to be exposed to a language to learn it. And if you can simulate real world (like in FRIENDS) and get exposed in smart way, you will have so much fun during the process and the day you will realize you understand and can speak it will feel like magic.

PS: it is exactly the same if you go to Spain, France or German just to name some.