Bliu Bliu, Where the Wild Things Are

We received very nice testimonials from our early students. If you didn’t  like Bliu Bliu or found our method too difficult, we do understand. This is just the beginning of a long journey: for now we are focusing on highly motivated people that can immediately understand how beneficial our approach is for learning a language.

Bliu Bliu doesn’t work – yet – for everybody:  we are not trying to build a product that will work for every student at any level. We have a clear person in mind as our perfect student, someone that really needs to learn that language, he/she tried lot of things that didn’t make him/her fluent. Now he/she is ready to try Bliu Bliu, a completely different approach to language learning.

We are not the right place for you – yet – if you need to check every single word from the dictionary. If you feel the need to translate everything into your native language to be able to understand every single word and grammar rule…Bliu Bliu might not be for you.

Often Grammar becomes an excuse not to learn the language. You don’t speak with the natives because you feel like you don’t know enough grammar, you feel you haven’t done enough homework or memorized enough rules or new words with your favorite flash cards application. While you are waiting to find the time to study more, you keep speaking in english instead of japanese, lithuanian, finnish, chinese or any other language.

Bliu Bliu is perfect for you if you understand how priceless can be to read an article where you understand ALMOST everything, or watch a video where you understand ALMOST every word. If we managed, at the end of the day, to show you one hour of videos where you ALMOST understood everything, we did our job, and you got exposed to so much language, phrases and words, that something will stuck in your brain.

Of course you can go back to the grammar book and flash card, “sorry” if on Bliu Bliu we use real articles from newspapers and real videos from Youtube. It is so much more fun and useful to learn from real contents, since you might want to learn not just the language but also the culture.

The first 5 minutes where we don’t know you

When you register and try a new language, Bliu Bliu doesn’t know anything about  you. The first 5 minutes might look a bit confusing since we need to understand  your level and what you are interested in. If you keep telling us more words you know or don’t know, we can soon provide you with better texts and videos at your exact level.
When we understand who you are, we can give you so many texts that you understand or almost understand. And this is where the magic happens, Where the Wild Things Are.

As much as we believe in having fun while learning a language, we are very serious about making it a reality. Bliu Bliu, Where the Wild Things Are