How Bliu Bliu works

Bliu Bliu – a new way to learn languages

We believe that learning a language should be fun and engaging.

What we don’t believe in, is focus on grammar as the most important aspect in language learning. Here is the thing:

People learn a language by using it: by listening people speak the language you want to learn, by reading texts, and by actively attempting to use the language in every possible situation. You start by more simple phrases and improve, little by little.

We are not saying that you cannot learn a language by other means, quite the contrary. But just imagine; what if language learning was fun and engaging?

This is why we want to connect you to the reality as soon as possible. The problem with learning a language in classroom often is, that the type of language used in the classroom does not correspond to the language used in the real world. So when you walk out of the classroom and try to speak with the native speakers, you have a hard time understanding them.

So, if you do not use the language, you will never learn it – no matter how much time you spend learning individual words and grammar rules.

Why Bliu Bliu is different

First and foremost, we do not have classes: there are no lessons and no artificial material. Instead we believe in finding the right material for you. What we want to do, is to collect the best possible texts to our system and deliver the content that benefits your learning the most. We are still on the way, but we improve every day – and you can help us by reporting bad content!

Here is how it works:

  1. You tell Bliu Bliu the language you want to study.
  2. Bliu Bliu starts by showing you the most frequently used words from that language. In 5 minutes we get to know you, what you actually know or don’t know about this language.
  3. Only few minutes and Bliu Bliu knows your skills quite well. Now Bliu Bliu can show you a list of REAL texts taken from the internet that you can fully understand. Depending on what you know they could be easy or really complicated, long or short: they will always be specific and tailored to your actual knowledge.
  4. Bliu Bliu gives you also texts that challenge you, where you know most of the content and that have only few unknown words.
  5. Without even reading the translation, you can most of the time guess the meaning of the words you didn’t know, because they are used in a such a specific context.
  6. And while you learn new words, Bliu Bliu helps you to read so many texts, and makes sure that you enjoy the process, so that you become very confident with the way that language is spoken
  7. Yeah, spoken, because with Bliu Bliu you will be able to listen to hours and hours of spoken language, tailored at your level: we select real dialogues where you know most of the vocabulary, and only very few words are unknown.
  8. Is this too good to be true? We are not done yet… Bliu Bliu will make sure you can watch YouTube and watch videos that you can understand in the language you are studying. Yeah! We are serious! The videos are easy to understand because people that speak in them use mostly words you already know.
  9. Bliu Bliu knows you very well, every single word you know or don’t know. We even try to figure out if you know them in context! So it’s easy to help you communicate with your native friends. When they write you a message, Bliu Bliu makes sure to tell them how easy/challenging the text must be, so on your side it feels like you are talking with them using their language. And your confidence grows, message after message.
  10. Bliu Bliu gives you so many texts to read, hours of real spoken language to listen, real conversations, or videos that you can fully understand. Everything is tailored on your specific knowledge and areas of interests. And you can talk with your native friends and feel confident, you are speaking their language and you understand everything.

Just a dream? Don’t worry, you can wake up, this is Bliu Bliu. And you can try it by yourself.