The typos you make can change the world

Typos facepalm

“I am currently doing some online Christian shopping. :)”

“Online Christian shopping? What does that even mean?”

“HAHAHA I meant chairman shopping!”

“I don’t think I know what chairman shopping is either…”

“My phone hates me. I’m Christmas shopping!! Sorry, autocorrect.”

Is this a familiar situation? Modern technologies often try to act in our place and decide what we want to say. This way, typos have become a usual aspect of our life and social media. It’s not that they’re very bad in themselves. We usually detect typos without much effort. We understand that they’re a mistake. And if we don’t understand the intended idea, we can ask away. At least when typos happen in chat.

People are expected to do mistakes once is a while, so they’re easily forgiven. It’s quite the contrary with brands or various representatives. They’re not expected to leave typos and if they do… bad things can happen. By bad we mean the ridicule that awaits them. However, casual readers who come upon those typos can have the time of their lives!

Just look into these examples:

typos cannibalism

Hey, it’s alright! How often do you find a restaurant so tolerant that it offers something for everyone? Even for cannibals?

typos education

There should be no discrimination in education. No field should be a taboo for science, right?

Let’s not be harsh on people who make such mistakes. I mean, facts speak for themselves. This pie chart below illustrates how difficult it is to notice typos before it’s too late. If this happens with e-mails, why wouldn’t it happen anywhere else?

when you discover typos


The already mentioned autocorrect function in our mobile phones likes to mess with our words. We aren’t responsible for the typos we “write” with the autocorrect. However, they do have the power to influence our relations with other people. All it takes is one tiny “innocent” typo at the right place and the right time.

For example:

Gonna need a HUGE drink tonight and it’s only 12 o’clock…

Lol, I can’t wait to give you a big HIV!

Hug* hahaha

I don’t want that, thank you!


Do you ever want to hang kids?




Let’s talk about the spelling mistakes that people manage to do without the help of autocorrect. Actually, the damage that autocorrect can do is insignificant compared to the things that people manage to make. If we make a single spelling error, all hell might break loose.

typo sinners bibleI’m referring to the Sinner’s Bible, of course. Back in the 17th century readers of a certain issue of the Bible noticed a slight variation in Exodus 20:14, where the seventh commandment read “Thou shalt commit adultery.” Funnily, this issue was very popular and many people had access to it. So one might say that a single typo has turned a great deal of Christians into heretics. Just like that. Today, 11 copies of the Sinner’s Bible are known to exist.

On the other hand, typos can bring great benefits. In 1997, Larry Page and some students at Stanford University were brainstorming a name for a website to index vast amounts of data. One of the students, Sean Anderson, came up with “googolplex,” and Larry suggested “googol.” Sean ran a domain name search and accidentally typed in “google,” which was available. Larry liked the name, and registered for himself and Sergey Brin. Who knows whether the website would have reached its current sucess had Sean not made a mistake.


typo spelling errorWith everything said, spelling errors shouldn’t be considered as something absolutely bad. Yes, you should avoid typos when writing a report or filling a blank. However, typos are mistakes. And as a language learner you can benefit from your mistakes! So typos can lead you to greater knowledge! Consider chatting situation. Making typos will teach you to write. You just need to notice what you did wrong. But if the person you’re chatting with is attentive enough, he/she will point your mistakes out. Even better, making funny typos when you write one word instead of another will improve your vocabulary! Again, assuming the person you’re writing to will react to it. So you can take the best out of everything!

So don’t worry. Typos happen! Just be attentive and the world will have to suffer less from it. And please, please don’t turn your autocorrect off, okay? Those errors aren’t your fault anyway. If anything, they make our lives brighter. :)