Marie Ferrié
 To be in daily contact with both a native speaker and other learners, The hangouts: I think it helped me fight my shyness and made me realize I could have a conversation in Lithuanian, the voice recordings that we can listen while studying on Bliu Bliu, All the content in Lithuanian. It is so difficult to find good learning content in this rare language! Thank you so much! 
Stephanie Ooi
 “Great German host (Martin) who's very attentive and there are no 'rules' which can be very frustrating at times.” 
Rusu Lucian
 “Having daily contact with German language helped me a lot. Especially the hangouts are very useful because I got the chance to speak in an environment that made me feel comfortable.”  
 For Bliu Bliu or any language platform you need self discipline. If you follow everyday motivation emails written in a really funny and interesting way, and texts with a life subject, there is no way that you will not improve your skills. You pay always everything for the "Push",sometimes you give up cause you miss on the way a goal.. but Bliu Bliu doesn't let u to give up if you are smart enough. 
 I am currently learning Japanese and I want to try to improve my knowledge of this language using Bliu Bliu which seems to be an awesome way to do it. Later, I’ll probably try to learn Breton too that seems to be another soon available language, and who knows, maybe more. Few hours ago I tried German that is a language I learned at school, so it allowed me to try the interesting and user-friendly interface. Congratulations for such a nice idea and work. 
 That’s a great idea, and good use of existing content! Good to see a startup with an original idea and a decent system already up and running. I’ll sign up and give it a go… 
 The pitching winner, Bliu Bliu was super cool in the sense that it solves a personal problem of mine – learning a language like Finnish through interesting content. 
 Did the name Bliu Bliu come about by hearing someone try to say “Я тебя люблю” (ya tibya liubliu) but mess it up? Whenever I told my ex this, she’d always say “Bliu Bliu” or “I blue blue you too”, since that means I love you. I really like the name of this startup. 
 I like this site because when I’ve been learning English, I tried my best to study grammar. As a result, I had some difficulties talking to people in English. I thought about grammar too much to speak fluently, although I know English well. 
 I’m currently exploring the French part because it was actually my major in college, but I have a hard time finding things online to help me keep up my French. I am also interested in learning Russian. Congratulations on taking on this exciting project! 
M Clara
 Hey guys! Just letting you know that I think the idea behind Bliu Bliu is really cool. Anyway, I love what you’re up to, just make sure the dutch music selection is nicer :)  
 As an intermediate level tool, once the basics are learned elsewhere, I think there’s definitely merit to studying this way, in an immersive study to help with picking up the grammar as its applied rather than studying rules and theory. 
 The website is very entertaining… I love the idea of learning from the songs. Its really cool! 
 Great idea to learn with someone else of your own level or even someone a little higher so they can teach you their ways. A great way of communicating and sharing different skills. 
Humphrey H.
 Hey, Bliu bliu looks really good – just what I’ve been looking for.  
 I just joined up today and enjoy your approach to language. Especially those hot Spanish videos, my goodness! I have studied Russian for many years but have not quite been able to communicate well with Russians, even though I lived in Moscow for a few years and paid quite a bit of money to Rosetta Stone. 
 It’s awesome tool!  

Sveikis Bliu Bliu! Thanks for setting this awesome effort up. I’m trying to learn Latvian in San Francisco – my native language is Spanish and frustratingly, my Latvian boyfriend is chatting up a storm in a couple of months as he gets to interact with tons of Spanish speakers here but I obviously don’t have many more folks to talk to. On top of it being a hard language – there’s only one class available through church that meets for long periods of time with an inconvenient schedule. Rosetta stone and the such don’t offer classes. I’m looking forward to learning more, thanks again!

 I wish there was such a project when I was learning languages.  
 It is very fun and addictive. I logged in with facebook, I started and then showed it to my daughter, and then my other daughter, etc. everyone knows different languages (and wanted to try others). Also, I have noticed a significant improvement in my Italian reading skills since I started! 
 The system seems nice, at least the way of learning the words that I know it’s easy for me and looks like could be used on a phone if the whole text fits in the screen. With my schedule, it’s easier to fit bliu bliu on bus trips than allocating time in the evening specifically for it. Keep up the good work, it really looks like something worth trying. 

Bliu Bliu makes me feel that I know more than I thought. For example, I watched one music video in German and it turned out that I knew almost all the words of the song! I don’t mind learning grammar but this seems like a more fun way – with real texts and videos. I was taking private Norwegian lessons online but I just got bored because every time it was the same routine and I lost motivation. So I am interested in trying Bliu Bliu approach :) I am a translator myself so I like to learn different languages and try different ways of doing that.