Story Telling and Jokes

Reading jokes: an easy way to learn languages. Approved by the president of the United States.

Lithuanian Finnish - easy to learn

I am not so sure I should share with you the entire story, I am a bit embarrassed about it…I will do it if you promise to help us. Read till the end to find out how you can help us and make the world a better place. December 2012 –  we were doing the first tests on Bliu Bliu. We uploaded around 2000 lithuanian jokes that, based on the words I already knew,  Bliu Bliu automatically ordered from the easiest joke to the hardest one. What happened next was magical: I could understand every single joke and I started to laugh/cry at the same time :) I was reading lithuanian jokes. I was able to understand most of them and jokes can be so addictive that I could not stop reading.

Jokes are powerful

Jokes are powerful stories. Jokes are short and complete. There is often a dialogue between two or more people. The structure of the language is easy to understand and very very easy to understand the meaning of new words because they are always immerse in very precise context.

Who would have thought that you can improve a language by reading jokes?

You should try to improve a language by reading/listening jokes. On Bliu Bliu we have jokes in almost every language. Go on, select the language you want to improve and from “SETTINGS” select Jokes as a filter . If you can’t see the “Jokes” filter after you click on “SETTINGS”,  just write us an email ( and we will activate them as fast as possible. By the way, add also Controversial as a filter if you are an adult (18+) and you are ready for  more extreme and sometimes offensive content!)

How Can you Help Us?

Do do you know good places to find collections of jokes in your native language or the one you are studying? We want to import jokes in every language spoken on the planet.

Feel like helping even more?

Can you think of anything else similar to jokes? Content that is short, with dialogues, repetitive structure, that we could use on Bliu Bliu to help people learning languages. 

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