Sneak Peak into 30 DAYs German Challenge

This list does not cover everything that awaits you, but it provides a rough outline of what to expect on a certain day. In the beginning of each day you will get various daily tasks via email and your Challenge dashboard. Most of them are not mentioned here.

DAY 1: You will hear the story behind Bliu Bliu and learn how to use it. You will get rid of your dictionary and start learning the language in *our way*. You will also start using Social Wall and get to know other participants.

DAY 2: You will continue learning with other students and find out why you have to make mistakes when you are learning a language.

DAY 3: You will take a deeper look behind Bliu Bliu and find out why it is faster, more enjoyable and more efficient compared to other language learning methods.

DAY 4: We will teach you how to build a habit of learning German daily and you will start working towards it.

DAY 5: You will learn the various options of how and where you can use Bliu Bliu. We will talk some more about habits and introduce a certain way of learning by sentences instead of words.

DAY 6: You will have to speak up for the first time and record a video of yourself doing it.

DAY 7: We will wrap up the week, take a look at the statistics and summarise the results so far.

DAY 8: You will learn some more about motivation in language learning. We will remind you that you have a host to use to your advantage and you will remember another principle that greatly influences language learning.

DAY 9: We will share some interesting facts about German language. You will learn a trick for improving your foreign language skills.

DAY 10: We will focus on motivation once more and introduce the terms of passive and active knowledge. You will get to know their importance in your learning process.

DAY 11: You will get some travelling tips regarding the culture, language and social norms in case you are thinking about a trip to Germany or are living in it. You will upload your own texts to Bliu Bliu.

DAY 12: We will compare German and English language usage. You will learn why it is so easy to learn English and what to do to make German easy as well. We will provide a number of topics to use for German practice. You will get social with other Challenge students.

DAY 13: You will learn how to hack a country and learn any language without spending tons of money. You will make a testimonial for Bliu Bliu.

DAY 14: We will summarise the 2nd week. You will also have to make another video of yourself speaking in German.

DAY 15: You will hear more about the German culture. You will learn what is expected and what is not acceptable among people in Germany. You will understand the effect of context and how to learn the language by the context instead of separate words.

DAY 16: We will provide you with some more motivational arguments and the enormous benefits of not giving up.

DAY 17: We will remind you to have fun, in case you will have forgotten. You will take a look at jokes in German.

DAY 18: This day will be all about music and using it to learn German. We will provide you with some cool beats which will become your new learning material. You will learn how to uncover your new secret identity.

DAY 19: You will have to revisit all the videos you have recorded and see how much you improved. We will share some more wisdom to help you set your goals right and overhaul your learning experience. Finally, we will ask for your feedback about the Challenge, as constant improvement is our priority.

DAY 20: You will get some new content and familiarise yourself with a few most relevant German phrases to complement your knowledge with. We will also share some facts about how student age and language learning ability correlates.

DAY 21: You will have to create one more video, while having your previous videos in mind. We will also see how you managed through the 3rd week of the Challenge.

DAY 22: A new Bliu Bliu feature, books, will be introduced into the Challenge. You will learn how to read books in order to make the best out of them while learning German. You will start reading a book in German, be it from our library or your own choice.

DAY 23: You will learn the fascinating links between language learning and activity of your brain.

DAY 24: We will give you more new content and share a piece of advice regarding personal goals and their fulfillment.

DAY 25: We will discuss the benefits of learning a language. You will learn a load of tips and tricks on how you can practice German non-stop every single day.

DAY 26: You will understand that it’s not only brain that plays a part in language learning. Your heart is just as important. Hint: We will tell you a secret of how to use them both when learning a language.

DAY 27: You will learn some more phrases that will make you sound like a native. You will also start using a simple trick that makes every day more colourful.

DAY 28: You will make one final video for German Challenge. We will share our wisdom about sleeping, yes, *sleeping* and it’s role in language learning.

DAY 29: We will show you some more essential German expressions and help you live the present to the fullest, while the Challenge is still on.

DAY 30: We will revisit our journey together. Your host will have a special thanks prepared for you, while we will direct you how to learn German even further, how to retain your new knowledge and how to keep getting better and better at it.

Take a deep breath and get ready, because once you come out on the other side you will be a whole new person, capable and brave enough to speak in German and even able to start learning other languages much faster, easier and with a healthy excitement!

Bliu Bliu Team and your host Martin