Record for free minutes feature

At Bliu Bliu you can study for free if you share our page with your friends or, even better, if you help us to create the audio version of the best texts we have.

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A user suggests:

The “record for free minutes” feature is a great idea, and the principal could work, but the conversion really isn’t worth it. Consider offering a better rate of minutes, so at least the minutes users spend developing your platform will equate to minutes for using/learning.

We have the possibility to upgrade certain users to give more free minutes for every word they record. We only want to check first the quality and then reward the best voices. Motivation is crucial here.

We don’t want only radio voices but at least happy voices recording. The initial rate is low for a reason, we want to filer who is not so much into recording their own voice.

And we already upgraded several users. Do you think you have a nice voice and you would like to study languages for free? Welcome on Bliu Bliu