Reading The Little Prince

Today I made a test and I read “The Little Prince” using Bliu Bliu, in lithuanian.

Here the interesting numbers:
Number of pages: 61
Number of words: 11.547

Yeah, the little prince is written using 11547 words. But it turned out, as you can imagine, that most of them are repeated.
So at the end the all book is written using only 3419 different words and I turned out that I know around 1000 of them (989).
There were parts of the book very easy to read, I really enjoyed reading them, even in lithuanian.

The idea is to make sure Bliu Bliu is able to find, from your favourite books, the parts that are easier to read and understand, for you, so that you can read for hours (or listen the audio version of what you are reading) and enjoy the content, even if it’s written in a language that you are not supposed to know or understand :)