Who is a Polygot?

Do you know who is a Polyglot?
A Polyglot is somebody who speaks several languages fluently. It’s hard to say how many languages you need to consider yourself a Polyglot – maybe two is enough, or three – if you can speak twelve or more then you are a hyperpolyglot.

Polyglot Gathering in Berlin

Last year Bliu Bliu was invited to take part in the Polyglot Gathering/Conference in Berlin where Polyglots from all around the world will meet for 5 days to discuss about – guess what – languages.

Bliu Bliu will be there networking with the most interesting people in the language learning community. They do not only speak several languages, they teach languages using new methods – not considered academically valid – that obviously work!.

Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis is one of the most known Polyglot. Not for the number of languages he knows (an impressive number anyway) but for his attitude, his famous blog and his philosophy of Speaking From Day 1.
Benny believes that you can become fluent in any language in 3 months.
He constantly starts new language adventure proving that you don’t even need to live in a country to learn its language.

Many of the Polyglots in this video will be at the Conference in Berlin

Benny was a great inspiration when we started Bliu Bliu and we even posted on his forum the main points of Bliu Bliu, even not knowing the name or what kind of adventure .

The Future of Learning

Being part of this community is an honour, helping shaping the future of language learning.
We cannot wait to be in Berlin to share with you tips and tricks by the SuperStars.

For now, take a look at this: The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Polyglots