Passion for languages

We really love our readers here at Bliu Bliu. We get every day very interesting emails with your stories and suggestions. Here some questions and answers

A reader:
About the cost I would recommend you to make both free and paid accounts options, because that makes it easier to see (and try) what you are going to pay for.

We will keep a very good part of Bliu Bliu for free so people can practice and improve. For the hardcore students we will charge something but not that much

Following the point from above, I would recommend you to talk more about your tutors and about your lists of frequency words, as well as how the system makes somebody learn a language in an easy and progressive way. It is too unexplained.

We are not planning to teach, no one can teach you to speak a language with rules and grammar, these are separate things. We want to prove that it’s the amount of exposure to a language that teaches you how to speak and understand. First to understand and the being able to speak. It’s all about becoming familiar with the language that makes the different.

You can expect that at least some of your members are experienced language learners so they know that an online class with a teacher is cheaper than 20 dollars or euros.

We want to create a beautiful efficient market place for tutors, with feedback and prices like a real market. Good teachers will charge more. New teacher will be out for free and you will have many choices and a 24h tutoring service if you need it
We will make sure to create tools for teacher so that even if you change tutor every day they will have so details info about what you know and what you need that it will take seconds to get tuned into the right kind of class

I’ve worked on HR and when I was recruiting I was told that I had to stop reading curriculums whenever somebody made a spelling mistake or when they weren’t able to get their point across. You are supposed to be a company and as such you must proofread the emails you send to potential clients (even if you are writing in other than your native language, I mean, come on, you are a language learning website. Is that the first impression you want to give?).

About the mistakes I agree with you and my other team members are with you.
But… :)
I am the ones writing these email and changing all the time to make tests. The other guys are French and Lithuanians
We have no natives english speakers in the team. We plan in the future to have people editing our texts but for now we can’t afford it. I could write everything in Italian and I can tell you – there would be no mistakes. In English I am not so strong, but we wanted to be sure to talk with a huge audience and work with people who speaks English as a second language anyway.
And the material we will use for “teaching” is from the web, texts audio and video made by natives, there wont’ be any mistake in there.

And after this long BUT – I fully agree with you and I will read everything we published and fix all the mistake I can spot.

I apologize for being so rough in this email, but as I have worked in HR I do know first impressions count a lot. However as can be seen in the other email I sent you I really want to try Bliu Bliu. In fact I hope I can use it to learn another language as soon as possible.

We love it rough and please, keep sending your impressions to us.