Learn Lithuanian with Claudio and Muezz

Learn Lithuanian with Claudio and Muezz

If you live in Lithuanian you have probably seen our videos.
We hacked an entire country to learn Lithuanian in a fun and effective way.

Learn Lithuanian with Claudio and Muezz

One private hour with us to explore tips and tricks to learn any language, especially Lithuanian.


The Mind Game
The Myths behind language learning
The Psychology of language learning
How to Study Languages
Why you need to avoid language courses
How to Practice Languages
How to talk with Natives // How to get Natives to talk to you
How to practice with Other students
Bliu Bliu, speed up your learning
Languages are everywhere

No more excuse – start learning now!


Learning Languages with Jokes

Are Jokes good content to learn languages? Let’s find out

At Bliu Bliu we love jokes.

Jokes can be very simple

Some jokes are told to kids and they can be very simple but still contain lots of interesting languages and references to the world.

Jokes are Short stories

Jokes are short stories, from the beginning to the end.
In few lines you get an entire situation described: people and places.
They cover a multitude of situations, from travelling, living at home, working places, school, relationships and so much more.

Jokes - cat lost

Lots of dialogues

People talk a lot in jokes. And they have very colourful and interesting dialogues
You can learn many verbs, words and expressions just by reading jokes.

Jokes are fun

We received hundreds (hundreds!) of emails by people telling us how happy they were to understand jokes in a foreign language. You think you don’t understand anything and then you come to Bliu Bliu and we show you that you can already understand a lot of jokes – even if you know only few hundred words.

Jokes talk a lot about sex

There is a lot of sex in jokes. Sometimes it’s explicit, sometimes is not. But humans love to tell jokes about sex, in every culture, every nation, every language.

Jokes - sex - moustache

Jokes use stereotypes

Jokes can be very offensive, especially versus specific categories.
Many cultures love to tell jokes about blondes. In Western Societies blonds are the target, in England, Australia and New Zealand apparently the Irish take the spotlight.
In Italy often the policemen (Carabinieri) are the target of jokes, or the French, English or Spanish.
They are the same jokes, the same stories, only Blonds = Irish = Italian = Belgian = Polish = Lawyer.

If you want to read Controversial Jokes you can expect it to be messy and potentially offensive.

Jokes tell about the culture

Jokes can really help to get to know the culture of a nation. You not only learn the language, the words and the expressions, you get to see the nation from the inside, with natives telling you about their fears, passions, obsessions and social problems.

Bliu Bliu loves good jokes

This is why we love jokes. We do understand people complaining and getting offended, some jokes are bad and indeed we constantly remove the bad ones.

tasteless offensive content

We don’t want tasteless offensive content to poison all the good content we have on Bliu Bliu.
If you browse our website and you find an offensive joke, let us know. We will remove it as fast as possible.
You can also report a joke if you don’t like and  the joke will be instantly removed.

Racist and offensive Jokes…they are not Jokes

Some jokes are racist and offensive. They are simply evil, created to attack a very specific group of people: about black people, about jewish, about homosexual and so on.
Bliu Bliu visited Tel Aviv last year and our Jewish friends started to tell us lots of Jewish jokes. They said that Jewish are the only one allowed to tell these jokes without sound offensive. And they are probably right.

Clearly these kind of jokes are terrible. Often they are simply stupid, violent and they don’t deserve to be in the joke category. Few of them are intelligent and fun. Very few. Very very few!
We don’t like this kind of jokes and we remove them from Bliu Bliu, no question asked.

What do you think?

Everything said, Jokes are still a wonderful and powerful way to learn a language and get to know the culture.

What do you think about it? Leave a comment down here

Learning together is more fun

When we fail with foreign languages, we often think it’s just our fault for not finding the time to study more. Or we blame the language for being too difficult. Or we convinced our self that we are not talented enough.
Truth is: put people in the right environment and every language becomes easy to learn.

Claudio learning Swedish

Claudio learning Swedish

Help a friend to learn your language

For sure you know somebody who is trying to learn a language: maybe your girlfriend, boyfriend, a Facebook friend…

Help and Get Rewarded

What if you could help a friend and at the same time get rewarded and be able to study a language completely for free?
The tool makers
At Bliu Bliu we are the tool makers. We are building new tools and features to create the perfect environment for language learning.
If you use our software to help other people we want to reward you: the more you help, the more you can use our website for free.
For example, every time you record something in your native language, we give you free minutes to learn languages on Bliu Bliu.

What a wonderful world

How to Use Bliu Bliu to help a friend

Write messages

Write personalized messages with interesting stories they can understand.
What happened to you yesterday? What it going on today? Anything you will do together?
Keep the messages real and personal.
Don’t try to teach the grammar: write as you would normally do with a native.

Writing a message to my friend Muezz in Italian

Writing a message to my friend Muezz in Italian

Record your voice

Students have to work hard to master the pronunciation of a foreign language.
What if you could record your messages so that your friends could listen to your voice over and over again?
It takes time to master pronunciation and you might get bored pronouncing the same things multiple times. Record once and your friends will be able to play them all day long.
Keep it natural, don’t try to slow it down too much. We want to understand the real you.

My friend can listen to this message over and over

My friend can listen to this message over and over

All you have to do now is simply send the link of the content to your friends.

Benefits for the students

They can see the message with all the cool Bliu Bliu features

  • highlight on Easy/Difficult words
  • possibility to listen the audio many times
  • single word translation
  • paragraph translation


Studying on Bliu Bliuå

Studying on Bliu Bliuå


Benefits for the Natives

Natives can see how their friends see the language, how many difficult words, which ones. They can improve to write better and better messages.

Compound Interests

If 60 friends would create 1 minute of material, every student would have 1 hour of personalized content.

Wanna help somebody learning your language? Speak to them in your native language, even if they can’t speak it yet, even if they speak with a lot of mistakes.
Don’t focus too much on grammar and mistakes: focus on talking with a friend about interesting things..

Learning Languages with the Radio

You might have heard this advice millions of time: if you want to learn a language you need to watch a lot of tv and listen to a lot of radio. At Bliu Bliu we went a step forward: we got invited to speak on the radio.

0:00 Intro
0:40 Interview with Simona Bandita
3:58 Secret of learning languages
6:52 We are Singing – in Lithuanian
7:52 Closing – Greetings
8:26 Talking with Simona behind the scenes
9:33 Bloopers

Speaking on the Radio

Speaking on the radio is challenging. You cannot afford to be quiet and think, the timing is everything and you need to speak. Plus the host, Simona in this case, she kept speaking very fast. But I guess we manage to keep it cool, we had fun and we were not too worried about making mistakes (in fact we made tons!)

Singing added a fun element to the all experience as we did not really know what we were singing.

The good news is that we are back on Zip FM next Wednesday for another episode.
Any Idea what we could talk about? Add a comment down here

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė Simona Bandita.

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė Bliu Bliu.

Vilnius University

Today Ieva invited us to visit Vilnius University. She answered to one of our video where we asked for help: we want to meet with people and speak Lithuanian, understand how does it feel to live in Vilnius as a citizen, not as a tourist.

(subtitles coming soon)

0:10 Intro
0:20 Walking around Vilnius University
1:25 Lithuanian Grammar Lesson
2:10 Poems about Sweden and Italy
2:44 About studying the grammar
3:29 Fake Lithuanian language vs Real Lithuanian language
4:20 Kur Jus Esate?
4:58 We need more help
5:20 Behind the scene

6:15 Our next challenge


It’s not that we don’t like the grammar, we love it, and one day we dream of speaking without mistakes. Our point is simple: the fastest way to learn how to speak correctly is to make a lot of mistakes. Speak Speak Speak Speak. The more we speak, the more mistakes we make, the better we get.
Do you want to help us? Engage us in interesting conversations about interesting topics.
Do you like the grammar? Don’t teach it to us…but let’s talk about it…in Lithuanian.

Ieva prepared for us 5 tasks, basically a test to check our grammar level. It was cute that she spent the time to prepare it but to be honest, the lesson was painful. It felt like we were 15 again and your survival instinct doesn’t want you to feel stupid.
We shared with Ieva our opinion and magically, instead of studying the grammar, we were speaking in Lithuanian about studying foreign languages, the importance of the grammar and the importance of understanding your goals: do you need to pass a test or do you want to speak with the natives?


Do you live in Vilnius? Are you learning Lithuanian?
You should talk to us, we are preparing something very interesting for you.

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė Bliu Bliu.

Walk the Dog and Practice Languages

At Bliu Bliu we have a mission: make language learning easy quick and fun.

Walk your dog

Walking the dog is a beautiful way to practice languages. Why?
People jump at you to talk, they ask all kind of questions about the dog and about you.
People are curious, but normally they don’t have an excuse to come to you and be social. As soon as you are with the dog magical things start to happen and you get surrounded with people talking to you.

Pick the streets for short random low pressure conversation and go to the dog park to have longer and deeper conversations.

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė Bliu Bliu.

Practicing is easy even if you are shy

We spent an hour to make this video and we got stopped by several people. Not all of them wanted to be in the video but the amount of practice was high quality.

Walking the Dog and Language Practice

  • listen to a podcast, to music, to an audio course
  • enjoy talking with every single person that comes talking to your dog
  • go to the dog park and start talking with other dog owner


Pick the right time

Going 6am won’t help, nobody wants to talk at that time and people are in a hurry. Pick a time during the day when you know people will be willing to talk. Lunch time or evening are usually good times to walk the dog and practice the language.

Learn the right words

Learn words like dog, breed, male, female, walking, barking, sleeping, eating, legs, play and so on

Find our more tips about Learning Languages

Learn Lithuanian in a month

So, TEDxVilnius challenged us and we accepted it: we have to learn Lithuanian in a month.
People are helping us: so many watched our viral video and now random people stop us on the street and speak to us in Lithuanian. Incredible.

27 Days to go

We keep making new videos to show our progress.
When do you have some time for a coffee? We want to talk to you.

Here the TEDxVilnius challenge

Here our Viral video – How to hack an entire country and learn a language for free


This time we really need your help.

Lately things got a little bit crazy over here in Lithuania: random people stop us and start speaking to us in Lithuanian. Our skills are improving very fast…

But now we have a serious problem…

TEDxVilnius invited us to their conference under one condition: we will be speakers at the conference in April if we can prove them, in the next 30 days, that we can speak perfect Lithuanian.

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė TEDxVilnius.

Challenge accepted!

Lietuva – Help Us

If you have seen our videos you know how much we can talk and how much we cannot talk in Lithuanian. Here some useful advice when you talk with us.

We don’t want to do language practice, we just want to talk to you in Lithuanian and we want you to talk to us in Lithuanian.

  • Come and visit us for a coffee
  • Send us audios and videos where you talk to us in Lithuanian
  • Invite us for dinner (we can cook)
  • Invite us to see where your work or study
  • Introduce us to your family, to your grandmother, to Dalia Grybauskaitė
  • Take us on a field trip toget to know Lithuania better
  •  Comment on our Facebook in Lithuanian
  • Share our posts and videos
  • Talk to your journalists friends about our challenge
  • Help us discovering videos where they speak Lithuanian and they have subtitles in Lithuanian

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė Bliu Bliu.

Promote US

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do you love helping people with their dreams?
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How do I make money?

If you know somebody that is learning a language, you simply spread your enthusiasm with them.
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Will I be considered a spammer?

If you are genuinely helping people you will not be considered a spammer. For example, when you mention Bliu Bliu on a forum, Facebook group, or in a comment on another website, it is important that you are an active user and not only posting about Bliu Bliu. People feel when someone is really helping out or if someone just want to advertize. It is important for us that Bliu Bliu is mentioned in a good environment and that people appreciate your post.

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Send us an email to join our affiliation program now! info@bliubliu.com

How to hack an entire country to learn a language for free

We did it, we hacked an entire country to learn a language for free.

The country we are talking about is Lithuanian and the language, of course, is one of the most difficult and almost impossible to learn: the Lithuanian language.

How did we hack Lithuania

In Lithuania there is fundamental problem: people here speak English (and Russian!) at a very good level, so natives won’t talk to you in Lithuanian. Never!
Unless you are advanced, you will always get into many conversations in English

So what did we do? We posted a video on YouTube were us, two foreigners, were talking in Lithuanian with each other asking the entire nation to speak to us in Lithuanian.

Friends…and friends of friends

Our friends loved it and started to share in on Facebook. In 10 minutes friends of friends where sharing it.
32.000 views on our Facebook.

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė Bliu Bliu.

Lietuvos Rytas and Delfi

This is when Delfi contacted us and posted on their portal

The New Facebook Hit  on Delfi

The New Facebook Hit on Delfi


10 minutes later Lietuvos Rytas posted it. This is when it went viral, reaching almost 100.000 people in few hours.
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 09.17.35

almost 100.000 saw it on Lietuvos Rytas

almost 100.000 saw it on Lietuvos Rytas


The Media liked it

The day after we got an interview for two magazines.

Lietuvos Zinions already posted it
2 hours interview...speaking only in Lithuanian

We got invited on TV by LNK.
KK2 Penktadienis and Yra Kaip Yra.

Talking about love on Lithuanian TV #tiklietuviskai – ačiū @linamartinkenaite for the picture

A photo posted by Claudio Santori Spadini (@swingclaudio) on

IT WORKED: everybody is talking to us in Lithuanian now

The final results, more important than the media exposure, is that people understood our problem and now everybody is speaking to us only in Lithuanian. Life was easier when we could speak english but you know what? This way we will learn the language so much faster….and for free!

Just yesterday we were invited by Delfi and the Lietuvos gamtos fondas to visit Erikas Laiconas farm (laiconas.lt) to make a reportage where we would interview Erikas. It was amazing. Here our teaser

More coming soon…

We got more coming in the next weeks…stay tuned…and thanks for helping us learning Lithuanian

You can follow our Adventures on YouTube

Learn Languages - Easy Quick and Fun

TEDxVilnius Challenged us to prepare a speech in Lithuanina