New team member joins Bliu Bliu!

Our platform is 3 years old and it feels like it’s been a long journey together. However, three years is not much for a person and we like to think of Bliu Bliu as of something that’s alive and has its own spirit. In this perspective, Bliu Bliu is just a little more than a toddler! That’s good, though. Since we’re still so young, we’re walking forward restlessly, gaining new skills every day and growing very quickly!

Recently, we’ve grown in height again.

How? A new team member has joined our happy family!

Who? Someone who can use a pen and a quill! (And a text editor.)

Can you just cut to the chase? Yes! We have a new copywriter!


Meet Tomas the Copywriter

a new team member

This guy over here is responsible for writing all kinds of texts for Bliu Bliu. Like the one you’re reading right now! You don’t know it, but you probably know him already. Especially if you’ve been participating in one of Bliu Bliu challenges recently, reading our blog, getting our newsletters or visiting our Facebook page. He’s been behind many of these texts!


He says you can simply call him Tom and likes to share random facts of mythology. He’s like:

“Good morning, I’m fine too. Did you know that aboriginal people of Australia believed the world was created by ancient spirits in a series of events called Dreamtime?”

Yeah, he must be fun at parties.


And since we were sharing our summer moments with everyone, here’s one more:

summer momentsThis is a view from an observation tower deep in the eastern part of Lithuania. It’s surrounded by 3 lakes and is just one of the many observation towers in the country. Tomas visited some of them this summer! Having done that (and not for the first time), he says that the view from these towers is always magnificent, be it sunshine or rain, summer or winter.

(Who cares if the summer is over? Sunshine is forever in our hearts, so if you have anything to remember, share your own summer moments with us! It’s not too late! We’re always eager to hear from you!)

And now, if you’ll excuse us, the new team member has some more work to do.

Stay tuned!