Lithuanian LOVE phrases

lithuanian love phrasesThey say that French is the language of love. It can melt your heart even if you don’t understand a word. Or, should I say: especially, if you don’t understand a word. That’s how beautiful it sounds. However, it doesn’t mean other languages are heartless. Just read these Lithuanian love phrases and see for yourself. Even though Lithuania is a small country, the hearts here are just as large as those in Paris.


So you just met someone you like. You’ve been talking for a while now and it felt great. You make each other laugh. You already feel comfortable with this person. This might be the perfect time to throw in a compliment or two. After all, is there a better way to show your interest?

  • Tavo nuostabios akys!

Every person is unique in this sense, so this is a safe and powerful phrase. It means “Your eyes are beautiful!

  • Tavo nepakartojama šypsena!

Similarly, saying this phrase will inevitably make the person smile. It means “You have a beautiful lithuanian flirty phrasessmile!

  • Tu turi labai gerą humoro jausmą!

Does this person make you laugh? Save this remark to show what a great time you’re having with them. This translates as “You have a great sense of humour!



So, you’re about to part ways. How to make sure that you will meet again? Or, maybe the party has just started and you want to invite somebody to a dance. Here’s how Lithuanians deal with these situations.

  • Ar norėtum su manimi į kiną?

A very simple way to ask somebody out. This says “Would you like to go to the cinema with me?” Make sure you know what kind of movies he/she likes before offering something specific. This will set the tone for the evening!

  • Ar norėtum pašokti (su manimi)?

This question says “Would you like to dance (with me)?” Like in English translation, text in the brackets is absolutely optional. However, skipping this part is slightly more casual. And emphasising that you want to dance with him/her is more romantic.

lithuanian compliments love phrases

  • Ar galiu tave pavaišinti?

This is a polite invitation to buy somebody a drink. Lithuanian guys often buy drinks for the ladies, although it’s not necessary. Literally, this phrase says nothing about drinks, however, if you’re in a nightclub or a pub, this is understood from the context. While not necessarily romantic, it can easily have flirty inclinations.

  • Koks tavo telefono numeris / Facebook’as?

Now that the night is over, you have to make sure you can meet again. This simple phrase means “What is your phone number / Facebook?” If they agree to give their contact details to you, consider the night a success!


You shouldn’t stop expressing your feelings even if you’ve been seeing each other for years! And these Lithuanian love phrases are just perfect for feeding that fire. Is it just me is it getting hot over here?

  • love lithuanian languageAš tave myliu!

Means “I love you!“. Is there anything else to say about this? Well, except the fact that you should learn this one very well and say it every day. Your darling will adore you so much more for it.

  • Aš laiminga(-s) su tavimi!

This is a different way to express affection. What it says is basically “You make me happy!“. So, you can use this phrase with friends and family, too. However, this is totally flirty if told to the love of your life. Add “s” if addressing a man and skip it if addressing a woman.

  • Aš kasdien galvoju apie tave.

Away from your partner? There’s nothing hotter than this phrase. It may not sound like much for Spanish people, yet it’s really moving for a Lithuanian. It means “I think about you every day“.

  • Tu – mano gyvenimo meilė!

This phrase translates as “You’re the love of my life!“. This is something that you should save for that very special moment in your relationship.

  • Pabučiuok mane

A rather unambiguous flirty phrase. It says “Kiss me“. Only a few words, yet so much meaning in them… Your darling will have no other choice!

love phrases lithuanian language

Learn these Lithuanian love phrases and use them with your heart. If you’re honest and able to show it, your partner will reward you with genuine love. As I said, Lithuanians have enormous hearts. On top of that, it’s known that Lithuania has the most beautiful ladies in the world. Come and see! And if you want more practice on flirty Lithuanian phrases, visit Bliu Bliu. We will guide you from there!