Lithuanian Language in 30 DAYs!


Did you know…

That The Academic Dictionary of Lithuanian contains around 500,000 headwords while The Oxford English Dictionary has around 273,000 in comparison. Quite a difference, hah?

Or that Lithuanian language is more ancient than Greek, Latin, Germanic, Celtic, or the Slav tongues? It belongs to the Indo-European group and is nearest to Sanskrit. Some philologists generally agree that Lithuanian is the most ancient of all the living languages.

Foreigners can surely “thank” Lithuanian linguists for doing such a good job at preserving the language to its’ ancient origins!


But hey, Bliu Bliu originated because an Italian was eager to learn Lithuanian, so maybe there is hope for everyone!

We’re not saying you will be fluent in Lithuanian in 30 days, we’re saying you will learn Lithuanian in 30 DAYs!


Birute will be your host on the next 30DAYs Lithuanian Challenge starting on the 7th of March! 

She is a Lithuanian living in Turkey and she speaks English, French, Russian, Polish, German and is learning Turkish.

A person with so many languages in her baggage definitely knows something about learning a language!



P.S Bliu Bliu is one of a few online language learning platforms teaching Lithuanian!