Learning a language is like playing basketball

This morning I woke up thinking about this simple yet crazy idea: learning a language is like playing basketball.

How to play basketball

I played basketball with my friends when I was a teenager, every day. We didn’t study the rules, not even sure we knew them. We just played and had fun for hours and hours.

I was playing every day on the playground and  watching lot of basketball games on TV.
I wasn’t going to boring lessons with people explaining me the rules on how to play basketball. I was playing on the playground with my friends under the playground rules. And when I wasn’t playing I was watching my friends (or my heroes) playing, and learning from their moves, making mental pictures of the game. Basketball was fun, it was fun to watch and fun to play.


Learning languages is hard and boring because the approach we use is wrong. The rules should come later, just  to bring it to the next next level. When you start something you need to make sure it’s fun, engaging, at your level. Fun to watch and fun to play.

Learning languages is like learning how to play basketball

We are building a language learning platform that works the same way I was learning how to play basketball as a teenager.
We want you to be able to listen how the language it’s really used, by native, and still be able to understand, to relate to the game, to be part of it..
You will also play the game, speak the language, at your level:  you might win or lose,  we will make sure every game (conversation) will be at your level, so even when you lose, it will be only by few points and it will be a lot of fun.

You are still a friend of Bliu Bliu if you think that first you need to know all the grammar rules to be able to speak a language: we are ready to prove you wrong.

For now just consider this

  • every kid can speak without knowing the grammar
  • most of the natives don’t know the rules of their own language
    when a student ask to a native “why this word is in this form?” the answer is always “it’s just like that!”

I never studied the rules of basketball but I knew how to play and have fun. You could ask me “why it’s not regular to do this this?” and the answer was obviously It’s just like that

The problem when you are not a kid anymore…

So, kids learn just like this. And they learn everything because they don’t care about the rules, they just play. Then we grow up and things gets complicated.

I can’t play CALCIO, football, soccer, whatever you call it, the italian national sport. I am supposed to be good but I am not. I know all the rules, I have seen lot of games live and on tv. But I can’t play. Why? Because I never played.

I could learn if you would put me in the same field with people more or less at my level, we would kick the ball and it would be fun, because winning or loosing will be a matter of 1 goal. And we will all grow together, getting better by practicing.

Bliu Bliu is going to be a revolution. Get ready to sweat and have fun :)