Learn the australian english

Good morning
Today a real story from Andrea, one of our reader. Andrea moved to Sidney one year ago and can you guess what his problem his?

When I talk to australian people it is very hard to understand them.

Can you imagine? Andrea moved to Australia one year ago and he still has trouble understanding people. Andrea, do you want to know a secret? You are not alone, there are at least 200.000.000 people like you around the world, they moved abroad, they went to a language course and they still can’t connect with their reality.

Don’t blame yourself, study the grammar will help you only until a certain point and people hardly adapt to the need of someone who is trying to learn a language. They won’t slow down or use easy vocabulary and when they do they just make you feel like an idiot!

Bliu Bliu naturally adapts to you. Andrea, we promise you, australian english has never been easier. Stay tuned

This morning our developers are releasing a new improved version. I have been told it is 1000 faster than the previous one.