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No Grammar Approach


Schools have done a good job in making us believe that learning grammar is the only way to learn languages. Thus, for many learning a language without grammar would feel unnatural and counter productive.


However lately the Internet is full of people telling their stories how they learnt languages without ever learning them, from watching movies or simply being exposed to a language on a regular basis.


No Grammar Approach (NGA) enables you to acquire language structures and uses from real and useful content. Forget about tables, dogs and chairs on your language journey. You need real content, real people and real language.

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Science behind Bliu Bliu


Children don’t have greater capacity

Contrary to a common belief children do not have greater capacity to learn than adults. Prior to school children learn by absorbing environment without applying any rules or constructive thinking. That’s what enables them to learn easier, faster and more effectively.


Grammar is not necessary

Linguist, educational researcher, and activist Dr. Stephen Krashen has spent his professional lifetime researching second language acquisition and that’s what he says.


Real content at your language level

It is proven that one of the main reasons why adults quit learning languages is the boring and irrelevant content. We lose motivation if we are not interested. So the only way to keep going is to consume interesting and relevant content.

About Bliu Bliu

Bliu Bliu is a unique tool that enables language acquisition through consumption of relevant and interesting content at individual’s language skill level.

We’ve learnt our second languages through consuming interesting and engaging content and hence decided to turn this “natural” language acquisition into an easy, fun and quick way to learn languages.


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