Learn Italian Language in 30 days

Last Friday we were in the office and we decided that it was time to do something crazy: learn Italian in 30 days, while living in Vilnius.

Learn Italian in 30 Days

We sent a newsletter and few minutes later more than 200 people replied asking to join the challenge. We selected 50 and from today we will all learn Italian for 30 days.

We will use a combination of

  • Bliu Bliu (10 to 60 minutes a day)
  • Asking questions on a FB Group where natives/students will answer
  • Conversation with natives (face to face // skype // facebook)
  • Interactions between students (face to face // skype // facebook)

Enter Muezz

My name is Muezz, I am 26 and I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I speak Swedish, my native language, I am fully¬†fluent in English and I can also speak Chinese, Japanese and a tiny bit of Spanish. I decided to start this new experiment “Italian in 30days” because I cannot say no to¬†challenges. But also because I think it’s possible to learn a new language in a short time, without studying and while enjoying.

I don’t believe in the traditional approach of language learning. I like to engage in conversations with natives to improve my skills. For this project, I will use a combination of talking + Bliu Bliu, 10 to 60 minutes a day.

Enter Claudio

I am Claudio, one of the founder of Bliu Bliu. I have been dealing with language learning for the last 3 years.
As a native Italian, I am up to the challenge to facilitate Muezz job and help him learning Italian by having as much fun as possible.

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