Learn a language with songs

So many people learn languages using music. All you need to do is

  • Find a nice song
  • Spend lot of time translating the words you don’t understand
  • Trying to memorize it, or part of it
  • Find another song and repeat the process  again

Every song is a fun experience but it just take a lot of time to do the translation of all the words you don’t know and when you pick a random song, most of the time you just don’t understand at least half of the words in there and you end up spending lot of time on the dictionary.

Check this out: once you tell Bliu Bliu the words you already know, Bliu Bliu  finds for you songs that you almost understand, with only few unknown words. You don’t even have to use the dictionary: the song is already fun!

Bliu Bliu does all the work of searching for you the best songs.

Bliu Bliu is for you (if you like to sing in the shower)  – we make sure you will consume more shampoo than grammar & google translate!

It’s time to just enjoy it. It feels almost as they are singing in your native language. Nothing ever seen before. Only on Bliu Bliu

Try it  now