Language practice makes you speak, studying doesn’t

Language practice worksThink about something that you do really well. Your occupation? One of your hobbies? Now consider how you became so good at it. We don’t believe there is a single person who ever became really good at anything merely by studying it.

Even if it’s chess.

Even if it’s studying itself.

We learn everything by doing it, by experiencing it. No amount of books read on swimming techniques, water, human biology, anatomy and fitness will ever teach you how to swim. Even for one second.

You have to do it at least once to be able to do it. This may sound redundant, yet it’s true. The act itself is the key. Only by acting we will turn our inability to ability!


Our philosophy at Bliu Bliu is that a language should come to you not by learning it, but rather by practicing it. We providing never-ending material so you never have to search for learning material again!

We estimate your language level and give you texts and videos according to it.

From the very moment you start using it, it will track your progress and update the material based on your knowledge.

Bliu Bliu never gives an extremely difficult text. Nor a text with no new words at all.

All you have to do is let us know what you already know so we can make sure you continuously progress.

Language practice with Bliu Bliu

While our method is not magical, it works almost like magic! Why?

Because you don’t need to study grammar, to memorise lists of words, rules and exceptions.

All you need to do is consume interesting content and try to understand it from context without checking translations. That’s it! And it works because experience is easier to keep in mind than theory.


Our Challenges help to take this experience to the next level. The level of efficient language practice. We bring learners together. We bring you to likeminded learners where you practice talking to each other and to a native speaker. You stop dreaming about using the language and start actually using it!

It’s difficult to step out of one’s comfort zone. However, when it’s done and the speaking starts, it comes freely and easily. It comes with many mistakes too. That’s not a problem. Without speaking we wouldn’t know we made mistakes in the first place!

Burn your booksSo throw your boring books away! Bliu Bliu is much more than a mere book. You get actually interesting content which can be translated instantly. You immediately see what you already know and what is completely new. You read texts that you like, you speak, you progress much faster and, most importantly, you enjoy it!

There’s no way to learn how to cook other than trying to cook. Even if you know how much of each spice to pour in according to the book. 

So stop reading about it!

Come to Bliu Bliu now and start speaking your target language!