Language learning is the best Christmas gift ever!

Special Christmas gift

How many gloves, scarves, candles, frames, moisturisers, pyjamas, table games, wine and…..and….. did you give and get for Christmas in your life?

Yessss, a lot. We all have. It’s so useful to stack up on different flavour teas and different patterns socks for the rest of the year! But there is something missing, don’t you think?

Giving same and same gifts year after year wear out. We feel less excited about gift giving and it’s obvious that our loved ones are not as happy about yet another set of underwear as they were couple years ago. In reality, finding meaningful gifts to a special person is a challenging and time consuming task.

I guess it’s just natural that we at Bliu Bliu think that giving someone ability to learn a language is the best gift ever. So before you judge, LANGUAGE IS A GIFT THAT:

  • Enables greater travel experiences

Enable better travel experiencesAdmit, whenever you meet a foreign person trying to speak your language, you immediately feel more inclined to help and enhance this person’s experience in your country. It goes for everyone. Regardless of the type of holiday you choose, knowing a local language can turn it into an exceptional experience. So whether you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation from a hotel owner or want to find out hidden local spots in a bar, you will gain more scores if you can speak the local language.

If you know that your friend is going on a long trip this year – give them a chance to fit in!


  • Gives a chance to make new friends and even find a lover!

Languages help to make friendsAs we’re getting older, finding new friends is getting more difficult. Having said that, finding foreign friends is getting easier. Technology makes communicate between continents easy. With more people living abroad and travelling more it is very useful to have friends all over the world!

Friends across the globe means – quality travel tips, free accommodation, good company and who knows, one of those friends can turn into the one and only! Being able to speak the same language and understand each others culture is equally important in all kinds of friendships, especially the romantic ones!

Is your friend dating a foreigner and still can’t speak his/her language? Does your friend live abroad and is finding difficulty to make new friends? Wait no more! Give them ability to speak that language!


  • Gives a chance to find a job

languages & jobIt’s not a secret that a lot of employers like to hire multi-linguists. With today’s global economy less and less businesses are local. Speaking in clients or suppliers’ tongue helps to make a stronger bond which can turn into a competitive advantage.

So if you know that your dear ones work in a multilingual environment, give them a chance to succeed. 


  • It lasts

Languages last for a lifetimeAbility to speak a language does not come in a day and thus it does not expire in a day. Languages, if learnt in a right way, stay with us for a lifetime. Even if we remember just few words when we’re passing the country, or can say “Jasas” to a Greek person when we randomly meet him in our local neighbourhood.

More on how to learn a language so it sticks.


  • Opens horizons and gives wings to fly

Languages open horizons and give wings to flyAlongside language acquisition comes cultural awareness and openness to change, meet new people, explore and experience. Nowadays language learning is not just about being able to speak a foreign language. The world is connected and being able to speak multiple languages keeps us connected to it too! For richer experiences, better job, more friends, broader horizons, deeper relationship.


We’re not saying language is a gift to be given every year, we’re saying it’s the best gift this year! If you want to make someone happy this Christmas, give them a chance to speak another language.

Our 3 most popular courses wrapped up and ready to go through a chimney and under your friends and loved ones’ Christmas trees! 

Bliu Bliu Christmas Gift Ideas. Just pick a language and we will do the rest!

language learning is the best Christmas gift

Marry Christmas and happy gift giving!

P.S. for every course that you join we will give 3 months of Bliu Bliu Premium gift for your friend! Isn’t Christmas simply the best time of the year? :-)