Learn foreign language – improve as a person

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Many think that learning a foreign language isn’t an easy task. It’s a demanding journey. However, it can improve you as a person just because of that. You become more tolerant, open-minded and, most importantly, you learn to enjoy life, to truly have fun. And having fun starts with the language learning. Which means it isn’t as hard as people think. It only looks that way until you get closer to it. Until you actually start learning.

Studying a language and having fun? This cannot be true. Languages must be taken seriously. What can you learn if all you want to do is have fun? It takes effort to improve your knowledge. Learning is repetition. There’s nothing fun about it.

This is still a popular opinion on the matter.

And who can blame people who think this way? Who can blame a student who has been learning for years? Doing the same exercises over and over again, every other day. Writing tests, passing exams, doing homework, barely turning his face away from the notebook. That’s a lifestyle of a student.

However, if you want to learn a language, you don’t have to be a student. You can adopt a language learner lifestyle. A lifestyle full of fun. Unlike the student, you can choose to have fun and learn a foreign language in the process.

Language learning and fun

having fun and learning foreign languageIt’s very simple to do it when you think of it. Instead of tedious tasks, focus on amusing tasks! Learn by chatting with speakers of your target language. Listening to your favourite style of music in your target language. Reading your favourite genre of fiction in your target language. Watching your favourite movie in your target language. It’s hard at the beginning, however, it’s a proven method. So, should I continue with the examples? Because the possibilities are endless.

Language learning is fun when you don’t treat it as a separate subject. Instead, adopt your target language and just get on with your life. Use it to do things you would be doing anyway, without learning a language. Meet new people. Travel to new places. Why do we have to study something that we use in so many different ways? You don’t study your native language. You just live with it. The same is possible for any and all languages. It’s the strategy of “fake it till you make it” and it’s a must for a language learner lifestyle.

Discipline is necessary and fun

This doesn’t mean that language learning should be taken lightly. You won’t improve if you don’t practice every day. Be it by learning grammar, writing and reading or meeting a native speaker and dancing to a song in your target language. Establishing a discipline is just as important as staying motivated.

Yet there’s no need to worry! Discipline doesn’t mean forcing yourself to do something you hate. Not according to the language learner lifestyle, at least. Since language learning can be fun, discipline means nothing else but getting used to having fun! When you try to come up with new interesting things to do every day, you form a habit and find it much easier to do.

Language learner lifestyle: improve as a person

language learning meet new peopleLearning in a fun way will allow you to live an amusing lifestyle. It’s not surprising, since learning a language in a fun way means living it instead of studying it. So, if you’re such a learner, you will inevitably become more outgoing. Meeting new people and talking to them won’t be as scary as it was before. You’ll find that it’s easy and fun to get to know other people.

On top of that, you’ll learn to have fun in many other ways. Thinking of exciting methods to practice your language, you will learn to adopt the same attitude in other matters. You’ll learn to make your daily life richer with new things to do. You won’t divide your time into “work time” and “fun time” anymore. Such a mindset will reduce your stress levels and improve your health.

So, learning a language is more than just acquiring knowledge. It changes you as a person. That’s why it’s important how you learn it.

By choosing to have fun while studying, you choose to lead a happier life and, therefore, improve as a person.