Italiano Automatico

We met Alberto at the Polyglot Gathering in Berlin. Alberto is a young Italian polyglot, very passionate about what he is doing. In fact he is already running a successful business related to his passion for languages: Italiano Automatico.


Here you can see that I’m listening to foreign languages while running as well =)

Who are you and where have you lived in the last 12 months

My name is Alberto Arrighini, the founder of ITALIANOAUTOMATICO, a website created to learn Italian in an interesting way through material related to personal development and improving ourselves.

In the last 12 months, I lived mostly in the city where I was born Brescia (North of Italy) but I also stayed a month in Romania and visited other places like Germany, England, Spain, Austria, Maldives, and some others.

What languages do you speak?

English, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian at different levels and currently working on German and Russian.

Languages are just a hobby or you make money out of them?

Started as a passion and now I’m able to say both =)

Tell us something about your First Time.

The first language was of course English at school. Apart from that, the first language I tackled by myself was French.


Any terrible experience? Like a language you could not learn and
you gave up…

A terrible experience was not being able to speak English after 8 years of studies in school! I was very good at English! I mean 7-8-9 were great marks but the problem with the school system in teaching languages, is in my experience the fact that you don’t listen enough to the language and of course 95% of the time is spent on boring things. (My opinion)

It’s sad that only 1 out of 100 people can speak fluent English once he/she has finished High school! At least this is the situation in Italy.


What about an “easy” experience

Spanish or French were definitely easy languages for me to learn. French especially for the fact that I found a website that I LOVE where you can learn in the same style of the website I created to learn Italian! For those who are interested it is FRANÇAIS AUTHENTIQUE created by an amazing person who I admire a lot, Johan:

Why languages and not…..

I learn languages usually because I want to know people from that country and to be able to travel in that country without feeling like a baby that can’t do nothing without the help of a translator.

I mean it’s ok to use English if you’re in Lithuania and you don’t speak the language yet, you’re still in Europe and it can be easier BUT…

Imagine being in China not knowing a single word of Chinese! It would be really sad to me… that’s why Chinese is on my list! I want to experience the country fully, and the language opens the door on the people and culture!


Do you have a mentor? Does anybody inspire you?

I have a mentor that I use for inspiration in every area of my life and he is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I analyzed his life and read almost everything about his work ethic and dedication and I find it extraordinary. He became the top bodybuilder of the world, then the most paid actor in the history of motion pictures and again the Governor of California. He went to America with nothing and through hard work and VISION he lived the American dream!

Oh I forgot to say that he was Austrian and at the beginning he struggled to learn English.

I could talk about him for hours but I leave you with this quote:


Do you have a secret weapon to learn languages?

Like in working out I think there are no “secrets”, there are only different methods. Some methods are more effective than others. Depending on what the person likes to do, a method can be effective or not. That’s why the school way of doing it doesn’t really work. They make everybody do THE SAME DAMN THING!!!

This being said, I like to start with Assimil or Teach Yourself to build basic vocabulary and then I dive myself into the most interesting stuff that I find available. From books to songs, videos, audios, people, travels, movies! Everything!!

Can you share with us your language learning routine?

1- Find a basic course to build basic vocabulary
(Assimil, Teach Yourself, Colloquial, Pimsleur etc..)

2- Find an intermediate resource! For Italian you could use my website, for French françaisauthentique, for German etc..

3- Then, while still learning with the intermediate stuff, add things meant for native speakers like movies, songs etc…

THAT’S BASICALLY IT! 3 BIG STEPS from beginner to advanced! =)

Don’t forget to incorporate languages in your lifestyle as well!!

Do you try to read/watch content at your level? Is it easy to find?

I try to find it so BADLY!! Right now for Russian and German but Internet is so huge that you sometimes get lost and you don’t know what to use anymore! And surprisingly sometimes there is no content for your level with subtitles in English and the language you are learning!

If you find it, as I did, it is probably a movie from the 60’s =D

That’s why I’m REALLY happy about the great idea that Claudio had about creating BLIUBLIU!

I find it really awesome and I really believe that this website will become very important in the world of language learning.


Have you already used Bliu Bliu?

I did! I love the concept and I can’t wait to see the future developments of the website!
Can’t wait to tell people about it as well!

Your final words: share anything you want with our passionate
community of language lovers.

Learning a language takes time but it’s definitely worth it! It really expands your world and it’s a great way to exercise our minds as well. Thanks to language learning I met so many inspiring people from different countries and I’m so thankful for that!

I always suggest learning a language while growing as a person as well. That’s the main concept around which I developed italiano automatico. If you’re learning Italian I really hope that I’ll have the pleasure and honor to help you through this amazing journey that is learning a new language:

How can people get in touch with you…

There are many ways!

You can join me on my Facebook page:

Contact me by email: