Italian in 30 days – Week 2 Day 4

The challenge is going on and Muezz is learning. Yesterday he had a meeting with 5 other students in a bar in Vilnius and they spoke all night just in Italian. And this is just after 2 weeks of studying the language

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 13.30.54

It’s nice to see people spontaneously uploading their videos where they speak Italian.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 13.48.44

How is Muezz doing

After 11 days Muezz knows 1704 words in Italian
10/20 minutes average time on Bliu Bliu
25.000 Italian words seen.

-muezz https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_muezz_it_

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Here some more stats from other students in the challenge

- lucy - tom https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_005bq3_it_ -airida https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_0053ig_it_ -Andrew -christian https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_001wuh_it_ -jolitahttps_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_005604_it_