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Only 39 spots left, join now the Italian in 30 Days Challenge.
The challenge starts 9th of April and it’s going to be a fun ride.
Today we want to invite one of the current participant to share with you his experience

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Italian in 30 days? A testimonial

Hi my name is Ricardo Ribeiro
I am a language enthusiast. recently I decided to learn Italian with Bliu Bliu because Claudio Santori, the founder of Bliu Bliu, organized the challenge, learn Italian in 30 days. Prior to this challenge I haven’t really used Bliu Bliu, so I thought it was an opportunity to kill two birds with two stones.
I would learn Italian and experiment with Bliu Bliu.

A this point I am 15 days into the challenge. We have a Facebook group with 80 learners. Completely motivated to learn Italian. We are all helping and supporting each other. Claudio is recording videos for us, every single day, motivated us, asking about our progress
it really created this amazing atmosphere of support, and really guidance from Claudio. I think that this is the best part of the challenge so far
Regarding Bliu Bliu I find it really really easy to learn with this.
I was learning 30 minutes per day but it really doesn’t feel like 30 minutes. because I am learning italian mostly with Jokes. So Bliu Bliu really predicts my level and I am just learning jokes all the time, and at the same time I am learning Italian without even thinking. A very interesting system.
for more…check Ricardo’s video here

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