Italian in 30 days s01e01

hi everybody

welcome to Italian in 30 days. This is season 1 episode 1 (day 1)

Today we are aiming for a warm up on Bliu Bliu:

  • get to know the language
  • find patterns and structures
  • get familiar with pronunciation
  • collect lots of word friends (cognates) to make exposure more gentle
  • gather feedback

What Claudio thinks about it

I really enjoyed the 3 minutes conversation with Muezz. We had no rehearsal, no script, he had no idea what I was about to say. I made it easy for him, of course. In fact the real challenge in the beginning is on me, on the native, to make sure Muezz can talk most of the time on the video and I give him the right hints and guidance.

What Muezz thinks about it


Tips on Bliu Bliu

  • translations are not the best, don’t rely on single word, always translate the paragraph but most important, try to understand the meaning of the all paragraph. If it’s too hard – skip it