How to hack an entire country to learn a language for free

We did it, we hacked an entire country to learn a language for free.

The country we are talking about is Lithuanian and the language, of course, is one of the most difficult and almost impossible to learn: the Lithuanian language.

How did we hack Lithuania

In Lithuania there is fundamental problem: people here speak English (and Russian!) at a very good level, so natives won’t talk to you in Lithuanian. Never!
Unless you are advanced, you will always get into many conversations in English

So what did we do? We posted a video on YouTube were us, two foreigners, were talking in Lithuanian with each other asking the entire nation to speak to us in Lithuanian.

Friends…and friends of friends

Our friends loved it and started to share in on Facebook. In 10 minutes friends of friends where sharing it.
32.000 views on our Facebook.

Įrašas, kurį paskelbė Bliu Bliu.

Lietuvos Rytas and Delfi

This is when Delfi contacted us and posted on their portal

The New Facebook Hit  on Delfi

The New Facebook Hit on Delfi

10 minutes later Lietuvos Rytas posted it. This is when it went viral, reaching almost 100.000 people in few hours.
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 09.17.35

almost 100.000 saw it on Lietuvos Rytas

almost 100.000 saw it on Lietuvos Rytas

The Media liked it

The day after we got an interview for two magazines.

Lietuvos Zinions already posted it
2 hours interview...speaking only in Lithuanian

We got invited on TV by LNK.
KK2 Penktadienis and Yra Kaip Yra.

Talking about love on Lithuanian TV #tiklietuviskai – ačiū @linamartinkenaite for the picture

A photo posted by Claudio Santori Spadini (@swingclaudio) on

IT WORKED: everybody is talking to us in Lithuanian now

The final results, more important than the media exposure, is that people understood our problem and now everybody is speaking to us only in Lithuanian. Life was easier when we could speak english but you know what? This way we will learn the language so much faster….and for free!

Just yesterday we were invited by Delfi and the Lietuvos gamtos fondas to visit Erikas Laiconas farm ( to make a reportage where we would interview Erikas. It was amazing. Here our teaser

More coming soon…

We got more coming in the next weeks…stay tuned…and thanks for helping us learning Lithuanian

You can follow our Adventures on YouTube

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