How Do Bliu Bliu Challenges Work?

## Here’s how a challenge works

  • You sign up and get instant access to premium account that allows you to use Bliu Bliu and get familiar with it
  • Day 1 – we officially start and you will watch videos on Bliu Bliu for 10 minutes
  • Day 2 – you will read stories and watch new videos on Bliu Bliu for just 10 minutes
  • Every day on the challenge Bliu Bliu will send you new cool content that keeps adapting to your progress, always giving you new words to learn
  • During the 30 days we will invite you to online conferences where you can speak or listen to others speak Italian
  • You will have personal online sessions via Skype with native speakers to help you grow your skills. Each session won’t take longer than 10 minutes.
  • Monitor your progress all the time on your Bliu Bliu dashboard
  • Day 30 – you will be speaking the language!

Let us show you how easy is to speak and understand a language after being exposed to Bliu Bliu.
The challenges are online so you have maximum flexibility to decide when to do your 10 minutes.
If you skip a day is not a big deal. Building the momentum is important but you can skip a day, especially on weekends (yes, we like to relax on weekends sometimes too).