Guess the title of this book

After testing with Little Prince, today we are testing Bliu Bliu with another best seller and I am pretty sure that you know this one too.

This book is made of 32.601 different sentences, 45.914 words were used.

TOP 10 most frequent words

45.914 different words were used to write this book. These are the TOP 10.

1. ir ( 17.895 )
2. jis ( 5.282 )
3. savo ( 4.752 )
4. iš ( 4.273 )
5. į ( 4.105 )
6. aš ( 3.717 )
7. kad ( 3.706 )
8. jo ( 3.680 )
9. jie ( 3.619 )
10. buvo ( 3.172 )

did you guess the title? The actual number of words used is 469.048 but most of them are used a lot of time. The number shows how many times that word has been used.
You didn’t guess the book yet? I am sure the next 10 words will help you

11. viešpats ( 3063 )
12. kaip ( 2689 )
13. su (  2678 )
14. o (  2563 )
15. mano ( 2442 )
16. yra (  2369 )
17. nes ( 2331 )
18. jų (  2301 )
19. bet ( 2269 )
20. jį (  2241 )

Did you guess the title?

How we are testing Bliu Bliu

I pick a book. First I check the list of the most frequently used 100/200 words and click on all the words I already know. Bliu Bliu is getting to know me and starting to adapt the all system to my specific knowledge.

When I have given enough words, Bliu Bliu starts suggesting me phrases easy to read, phrases where I understand all or at least most of the words. I can read parts of the book, not in chronological order but just the parts of the book that I can enjoy and understand.

Every now and then there will be an unknown word but because it’s in a specific context, between many words I already know, most of the time it’s easy to guess the meaning. And while I add more words into my knowledge, Bliu Bliu adapts and provides me many many phrases that I can understand and enjoy reading.

We could have stop here and this would be already a beautiful system. But we felt why stop, let’s make this unbelievable. BOOM!!! I can also listen all of these phrases, every one of them as an audio version attach. You know what this means? I am not only reading and understanding lithuanian, I am also listening to it and understanding 99.9% of the time.

Impossible? welcome to Bliu Bliu

Hang in there if you want to be part of the future. We can’t wait to share the miracle with you and turn you into a believer.

By the way, did you guess what book I was reading?