Good Morning Mr President

The funniest thing I have found about language classes is that they have always
tried to teach me the most formal and correct way to speak even though I don’t even
speak my native language (Italian) that way.

It is almost as if they expect me to meet the president at any moment and so teach
me as though I am about to address the nation with some important speech…

I don’t need this kind of teaching. I don’t need to go to my friends and tell them that
the way they are speaking is wrong and that they should use the accusative when
they speak about time, and not the locative, because of this or that grammar rule.


Enough with the grammar! Studying grammar and doing hours of exercise is just
another way of procrastinating. It helps us feel that if we work hard one day we will be
able to speak the language.

Guess what! That day will never come, not if you only focus on the grammar.
Because, to be honest with you, the president doesn’t even know you are there and
he is certainly not going to call you, not this year at least…

However today is the day you decide to forget about the grammar and start using the
language. Start reading real articles, real magazines, websites. If you start to listen to
the music sung in that language, radio programs, real people talking and most of all,
the most important part, if you start using it, day after day, starting from today.

By learning all the grammar you will never really speak a language… But of course
the President might call you at anytime, I am sure he is just looking for your phone