Get the most from language Challenges

Bliu Bliu Challenges do wonders in language acquisition. They boost your motivation and set you on the right path in language learning. However, signing up and waiting for enlightenment is not enough. You have to be active, use our advices and practice often. So at the end of the day, no matter how we try to make sure that you learn, it’s up to you how much you get out from our language Challenges.

get the most out of language challenges

Here are essential tips that will help you to get the most from a Challenge.

Quality over quantity

We advise that during a Challenge you should spend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day practicing a language of your choice. So make sure that every minute spent doing Challenge tasks counts. 10 minutes of focused attention using Bliu Bliu is better than 30 minutes of reading a text while daydreaming simultaneously. If you’re focusing on time and not on your effort you’re wasting time and energy. Keep checking yourself. And if it’s really hard to focus, take a break. This brings us to our second point.

Set moderate goals and don’t strain yourself

You might be inspired to use your target language for 2 hours every day of your Challenge. However, it will take enormous effort to keep up with such a load in the long run.

We like to set ambitious goals for ourselves, for example, to read for an hour every day. It is natural that such a goal is very hard to keep. Eventually an hour would become 30 minutes and even less and this would make us disappointed with ourselves. But there really is no reason to feel so.

So control your excitement at the beginning, start by learning for 30 minutes or an hour at max. Think realistically how long you will be able to spend throughout the 30 days. Take moderate steps towards your goal. If you start leaping forward you will get tired, dissatisfied and unable to continue very soon. Have patience and don’t let your excitement imprison your mind.

Language learning is like stacking stones

Language learning is like stacking stones. You need some patience.

Set process-related goals

Goals like “increase my word counter on Bliu Bliu by 30 every day” might not do. It only suggests that you should push 30 red words to make them white. Instead, you should focus on actually seeing and hearing those words in different context as much as possible. Don’t worry over exact number of words learnt, exact seconds spent reading or exact number of pages covered. Just set a time that you will spend reading, speaking or listening actively with focused attention. With your mind ON THE TASK. You will learn those 30 words faster without worrying about them all the time. And if you learn no more than 29 or even 19 – that’s amazing too!

Afraid to leave the comfort zone

Focus on building a habit

Short sessions of learning are easier to turn into a habit than long ones. And getting into a habit of practicing your target language is absolutely crucial. Without a habit of practicing on a regular basis you will find it difficult to continue excelling in your target language after the Challenge is over. However, if you get into a habit of practicing at least 20 minutes every day, you will continue progressing and you will never forget what you’ve learnt so far. 

A short time every day beats long sessions two times per week. So if you don’t complete every single task on a Challenge you won’t necessarily fail. But you will fail if you don’t do at least a bit every single day.

Step out of your comfort zone

Step out of it now. Expanding your boundaries is never easy. However, once you start doing it, it will get easier and easier over time. That’s one of the main goals of our Challenges. They encourage you to do things that you wouldn’t do otherwise. Afraid to talk to natives in their language? Can’t imagine yourself singing in it? Bliu Bliu Challenge is a perfect place to test yourself, to expand your skills and boost your confidence. If you don’t push yourself to your limits during the Challenge, there’s no telling when you will. If you ever will. So don’t miss a chance to find new language learning methods and techniques. 

Don’t get used to one activity. Experiment!

Bliu Bliu Challenges offer all kinds of tips and suggestions on how to learn a target language. Don’t just stick to reading various topics on Bliu Bliu. Read our daily Challenge tasks and newsletters. They contain something new every day. Some people learn better by watching videos, others by listening, speaking or writing. Try everything you can, especially things you’ve never tried before. When you find what works best for you, do it often, but don’t forget all the other methods either. Maybe you’ll find some combinations and habits that will work even better in a  long run!

The joy of experimenting

Use the opportunity to learn with other people

Bliu Bliu Challenges bring dozens of people together. People from all around the world who have a common goal and can help each other in achieving that goal. Challenges are, in fact, built in a way that significantly depends on communication among participants.

There are many things you can learn from other people even if their language level is lower than yours. For example, a different perspective towards various aspects of a language. Different ideas on how to learn and what to try. Also, motivation. It’s always easier to learn with others rather than on your own. You can also learn from the experience and mistakes of others. You don’t have to search for people to practice writing or speaking with. They’re always by your side. And most importantly, people in your Challenge group can easily become your friends! Who doesn’t want to have friends from around the world? Just imagine travelling to your new friends’ countries.

Talk to your native Challenge host

After all, languages exist so that people could share information. One can only learn a language by using it for what it’s supposed to be used. While it is important to practice with other practitioners, talking to natives have clear benefits. Natives know lots of useful phrases and idioms, they use slang and can teach you quite a bit about proper pronunciation. Hence every Challenge has a host, a native speaker who is there for you. They will greatly increase your listening skills. They will challenge you to really dig into your current knowledge and expand it as you try to come up with an answer in just a moment’s notice.

So if talking to native speakers is intimidating for you, it should be easier after you complete a Challenge. So talk to your host and make yourself heard. After talking to a native in such a goal-oriented environment, it should be easy to start talking to other native people as well.

Get the most from 30 days language Challenges

So now you know how to get the most out of Bliu Bliu’s 30 days language Challenges!

Remember these tips and you will be able to speak your target language by DAY 30, no matter your current level.

Go to Bliu Bliu Challenges, pick one and start your journey!

Don’t forget: we run Challenges almost every month, so if you don’t see a date that is convenient for you, don’t worry, drop us a line and we will add you to the month that works better with your schedule.

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