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We also have a long list of languages we will activate as soon as we see enough people interested in learning them.

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  1. I would like to improve my spanish knowledge.
    i have already can speak and understand but i lack vocabulary

  2. Hey guys,

    BliuBliu sounds really promising. I’ve been wanting to learn Dutch for a long time to please my girlfriend from Amsterdam.
    Can you help me ?

  3. I’d like to learn Greek and Mandarin Chinese – but would also be interested to improve my French, Italian, and German with Bliu Bliu

  4. It seems your online invitation system is not working. No confirmation emails are ever received.
    I would like to learn Latvian

  5. Hi everybody, this Claudio, CEO of Bliu Bliu. We got flooded by emails and requests to try the system. Some people manages to get in, some others got some technical problems (OUR FAULT!) we were just not ready to get this amount of love. We thank you and assure that we are working hard to make the world a better place where there is no space for grammar and homework :)

    1. I am very impressed with your honesty and attitude! I’m looking forward to your fully functioning programs – without the grammer!

  6. Thought I had done something wrong when I got no invitation. Looking forward to things getting up and running.