How to get in trouble? Funny traveller stories

funny traveller storiesTravel is all about unique and memorable experiences. We travel because we want something new and unexpected to take our breath away. Whether it’s just exotic nature or extreme sports, every day should be an adventure. Adventures of every traveller are very different, though. Some are simply amazing and others are horrible! As much as we hate it, it’s usually the horrible ones that others find extremely funny. Everyone loves to hear about somebody else’s demise. That’s the material of funny traveller stories. And I felt an urge to share some of them with you!


The first one comes from my own experience in Ireland. They speak English here. However, you can’t really tell with everyone. Especially if you’re not yet used to the local accent. And since taxi drivers get to meet quite a lot of tourists, it’s only natural that their accent is probably the heaviest. Being a tourist myself, I had a chance to experience it on my own.

Once I got in a taxi and asked the driver to take me to the airport.

“Airport?”, he said with a raised eyebrow.

I nodded and he rolled on. I immediately thought that we weren’t going straight towards the airport. However, I wasn’t very familiar with the city, so I may have been wrong. Or maybe he took another route to avoid the traffic, so I didn’t say anything. After 15 minutes we stopped by the harbour. Only then did I understand that what he said before was “a port”. Fortunately, I still had time before my flight. So eventually, he took me where I wanted. I did have to pay for the whole trip, though!


funny travel story romaniaI haven’t travelled as much as some full-time travellers have. This is obvious from their stories which are much funnier and more severe than mine. Consider this.

Once upon a time, Derek Earl Baron was staying in Bucharest, Romania. After meeting with a friend in the old town, he decided to go back to the apartment he was staying at. He tried to get a taxi, but everybody refused or demanded a huge price for the service because of a snow storm. Derek decided not to waste his money and went the 4 kilometres on foot.

-20°C in running shoes, jeans, t-shirt and a light winter jacket isn’t a good combination. The trip was successful, however, his face felt like ice and his limbs… He didn’t feel them at all. He thought he was going to die. Only to hear from his friend later on: “Why didn’t you just take the metro? You walked past three metro stations”.


A perfect example of funny traveller stories comes from Audrey Bergner. She was in Vietnam, hiking from Sapa to Cat Cat Village with her friend. On the way down she met three local women dressed in indigo. They started asking her name, where she was from, who was his friend and so on. They continued walking together and keeping their company. Their hospitality and friendliness surprised Audrey. Until they reached Cat Cat Village.

hmong women travel story

At that point, the women told they couldn’t go any further as they’re from another village. On top of that, they demanded Audrey to buy from them. So she bought a purse. However, there were 3 of them and they wanted her to buy something from each one. This was too much. She apologised and continued walking as fast as she could. They followed. Luckily, they couldn’t enter Cat Cat Village and had to retreat soon enough.

On the way back she saw even more women in indigo walking with a larger group of travellers. The three women were there too, laughing and waving her way. Audrey brought them profit, after all.


Are you a traveller?! Did you experience something that would put these funny traveller stories to shame? Write to me at and I will feature your story in Bliu Bliu blog or our Facebook page!