Donald Trump’s education plan will make e-learning great again

donald trump's education plan will make e-learning great againThe education system in the U.S. has received some serious criticism from Donald Trump. It seems that he doesn’t want public schools to be around anymore. Instead, he supports private schools or even home schooling. Everything will be fine, as long as the government is not involved. Because public schools have the worst quality, according to the President. So, he plans to invest $20 billion towards school choice in a voucher-based system. As good as it may sound, Donald Trump’s education plan has some problems behind it.


To support this plan, governments would have to invest more than they would get in return. Therefore, the funding of education will shift from public to private schools. This effect is what president Trump actually wants to achieve.

“American schools are no better than the schools in developing countries. Our common core standards are a disaster.” On other occasions, he stated that “distribution of this grant will favour states that have private school choice and charter laws.”

Donald Trump says he focuses on people in poverty. However, governments have already been offering support for lower-class families. And even if teenagers shift to private schools, there’s no guarantee of a better quality. On the contrary. Betsy DeVos, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education post, tested the voucher system. Her home state of Michigan was chosen for it. It was a failure. The students’ performance actually dropped.

donald trump education plan political vision

Besides, states that don’t support the voucher system might get reduced funding. This means fewer vouchers available. Fewer vouchers equal more people without access to education. In the end, more parents will have to educate their children at home. The new president wants to give the parents a choice for their children. However, many will still end up being “trapped”.

Therefore, Donald Trump’s education plan doesn’t seem safe. It may decrease the education level on the national scale even further, instead of increasing it. On top of that, it will increase social class differentiation. The “Trump effect” in schools across America reflect such prospect.


The notorious travel ban rubs even more salt into the wound. It stops the exchange of promising students and scientists between America and other countries. It is no secret that international talents are important to the United States. They’re invaluable everywhere. And the United States has many top notch universities. It’s an attractive place to go for many young researchers of any field. Donald Trump blocks this stream of potential innovations and contributions to the science in America. According to Rahul Choudaha:

“The schools face a financial loss at one level, but a bigger one is the loss of talent, research, the contributions these students will make to the advancement of the field”.


bliu bliu donald trump education e-learningWhat if Donald Trump’s education plan will actually become a reality? What if today’s predictions are tomorrow’s facts? People will have to look for education elsewhere. If private school isn’t the option, homeschooling is. However, homeschooling takes a lot of time and often lacks quality.

Yet another option is online education. It is gaining popularity every day. With the situation that we’ve just described, it will probably be less of an alternative. E-learning will be more of a standard, obvious choice. It won’t take the place of public schools, of course. However, those who will stay in public or private schools will have additional options. If your school is weak in a certain subject, why not learn that subject online?

This is particularly relevant to languages. Schools are actually ineffective when it comes to language acquisition. And Donald Trump’s education plan might decrease language learning efficiency even further. So, many will see this as a catastrophe. However, the rest will see it as an opportunity. A chance to try a different approach. So, a shift towards online education might make up for these losses. Nowhere else can you learn any language effectively and for free.