Did you ever dream of going to Germany?

You should! #3 in our travel series, ladies and gentlemen, Germany!

Most of you definitely know Germany as home for precision, quality, strict rules, sharp language, beer, classic as well as techno music, arts, science and definitely cars!

And what do you imagine when you think about holidays in Germany? Is it nice beaches, tranquil lake sides, picturesque mountains, huge forests and magnificent well sustained fortresses? Or maybe you imagine arts, theatres, museums, crazy night life, small cafes and beer fests?

Let’s see what hidden gems you can expect to find in a country that is home to one of the strongest economies in the world!

Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg


Located on a spur called Jettenbühl on the northern slope of the Königstuhl mountain, visitors can enjoy the most splendid views over the Neckar valley, and to the old town of Heidelberg.

Heidelberg palace was built and extended over three centuries in different styles mainly Gothic and Renaissance. The palace itself is the main attraction, of course. However, there is much more to do and explore around the castle too:

  • The Heidelberg Tun is the world’s biggest wine barrel that holds 220,000 litres. The vat (Fass) was built in 1751.
  • The German Pharmacy Museum (Deutsches Apothekenmuseum) in the Ottheinrichsbau displays a large collection of old stuff used in a pharmacy in earlier times.
  • You can get married at the palace. Really! From February to December you can arrange a civil wedding ceremony at Heidelberg castle.

Rügen Cliffs island


Far, in the northeast of Germany there is this wide plateau of chalk cliffs surrounding the shores of Baltic Sea. Rügen of Pomerania, the biggest island by land in this country is a piece of heaven on Earth. Rügen offers a variety of landscape features and things to see and do – from buzzing seaside resorts to sleepy fishing villages, from parks, gardens and tree-lined avenues to stately homes. A highlight is Jasmund National Park, part of a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to the famous Königsstuhl chalk cliffs.

At the Königsstuhl National Park Centre, you can explore a world full of mysteries as you learn about the key message of leaving nature to its own devices. Various themed rooms take you on a journey back to the origins of Rügen as you discover for yourself what makes this beautiful island so unique.

There are a lot of swamps and ponds, ice-age related hollows, rare trees, birds and flowers. You could spend days there and find new things every time. For those who are addicts of our mother nature – Jasmund national park is a place to go.

And if you are more into beaches, there’s plenty to of those too. The beaches are often visited by kite surfers and windsurfers cherishing its geographical position and natural wilderness. 




Although federal city of Bonn was a birthplace of widely known composer – Ludwig van Beethoven, it’s not very touristy or crowded. The city is located on the west side of Germany, state of North Rhine-Westphalia not too far from Cologne. Bonn, alongside with Berlin, serves as a seat of government – that’s how historical this city is.

Usually tourists come to Bonn for Beethoven and leave very surprised by everything else they find. Bonn is one of the oldest cities in Germany and it’s not surprising that it’s very diverse and rich in cultural. Old town is a mixture of different architecture styles: elegant buildings, squares and cafes makes it very cozy and beautiful. And if you happen to visit Bonn during cherry blossom you will be mesmerised and want to come back every year!

One of other interesting things about Boon is that it is home of Haribo gummy bears which are manufactured in Bonn since as early as 1920!




If you compare cities in terms of education, Darmstadt without a second thought would be considered a professor of all cities in Germany. That’s right, usually overlooked by travellers and partly shadowed by Frankfurt, there, in the heart of Germany lies this magnificent city of poets, space explorers and scientists. Grube-Messel-pit-Pair-of--007Darmstadt is home to number of space and science centres, museums and institutes. If you are into science – Darmstadt should be your no.1 choice.

City also has magnificent historical castles, a zoo and a university, all very worth visiting. And the most interesting place is Messel Pit Fossil Site. As if it was on purpose that a city of science had to be built here. Here you can take a peek to species that lived 50 million years ago!


FreiburgThe town is located in South-West of the country and is one of the greenest cities in the world. It’s a famous university town and known because of its eco friendly environment: lack of cars, use of solar panels and so on. Freiburg is the warmest city in Germany and thus scenic beauty creates special vibe.

From up above it’s clear that Freiburg im Breisgau is located in a pit and is surrounded by mountains, hills and legendary Black Forest. All of this creates a sensation of seclusion and serenity. In addition to nature, the old town is full of cozy streets, mixture of architectural styles and greenery. If you are into local fresh food – you should visit the farmers’ market. It is located In a middle of an old town and it is held almost every day.



Rantum – a resort in an island Sylt on the west side of Germany and very close to Denmark is one of the many beautiful seasides in Germany. This beautiful island is becoming more and more famous every year because of its ongoing loss of land to tide storms. Unlike well-known Kampen, Rantum resort is very quiet with only ~500 people living there.

It has beautiful dunes and is marly 600 meters wide in between both shores and offers startling scenery as well as mineral waters that are known across Germany.