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Buongiorno, come va?
Parliamo Italiano?

Only 39 spots left, join now the Italian in 30 Days Challenge.
The challenge starts 9th of April and it’s going to be a fun ride.
Today we want to invite one of the current participant to share with you his experience

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 08.50.38

Italian in 30 days? A testimonial

Hi my name is Ricardo Ribeiro
I am a language enthusiast. recently I decided to learn Italian with Bliu Bliu because Claudio Santori, the founder of Bliu Bliu, organized the challenge, learn Italian in 30 days. Prior to this challenge I haven’t really used Bliu Bliu, so I thought it was an opportunity to kill two birds with two stones.
I would learn Italian and experiment with Bliu Bliu.

A this point I am 15 days into the challenge. We have a Facebook group with 80 learners. Completely motivated to learn Italian. We are all helping and supporting each other. Claudio is recording videos for us, every single day, motivated us, asking about our progress
it really created this amazing atmosphere of support, and really guidance from Claudio. I think that this is the best part of the challenge so far
Regarding Bliu Bliu I find it really really easy to learn with this.
I was learning 30 minutes per day but it really doesn’t feel like 30 minutes. because I am learning italian mostly with Jokes. So Bliu Bliu really predicts my level and I am just learning jokes all the time, and at the same time I am learning Italian without even thinking. A very interesting system.
for more…check Ricardo’s video here

Learn Italian in 30 Days


Speak Italian in 30 Days Challenge starts 9th of April

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Can you learn Italian in 30 days?

Can you learn Italian in 30 days?

Interview with Muezz Vestin- he is participating in a Learn Italian in 30 Days Challenge.
We are 15 days into the challenge:  he has already learned about 1800 Italian words.

Who is Muezz?

Hi, I’m Muezz. I’m working at Bliu Bliu as the marketing manager here in Vilnius, Lithuania. I have learned Mandarin, Japanese, a bit of Russian and Spanish, most recently I learned Lithuanian. I just reached the level of Lithuanian where I don’t need to study anymore since I can quite fluently deal with my everyday activities. That’s why I accepted the challenge to learn Italian in 30 days.

muezz blog

Why Learning Italian?

At Bliu Bliu we want to help people learn Italian as efficiently as possible, in 30 days. The goal is to create the world’s best way to learn any language.

First challenge is for Italian Language (Claudio, Bliu Bliu CEO, is Italian and he can create all the content we need). I started the challenge without knowing more than Mamma Mia. We decided I will be the “test rabbit”, to see how much I will be able to speak and understand in just 30 days. I’m now on day 16, week 3. This is what I have to say so far.

(15 days of Italian on Bliu Bliu, no editing, no script, first cut)

Bliu Bliu content

The cool thing is that Bliu Bliu brings me content that increases with my level. There are several playlists/topics to choose from, as a beginner I am focusing on “Easy Content” and “Good Morning”.

The first day, I could not believe how much Italian I could already understand. The first texts were full of international words and first week I literally picked up 1000 words super easily, just because I know English and a little bit of Spanish.
It is really cool to use a tool that adapts to your previous knowledge. In the first days I discovered so many new words in every text. Either I understood them straight away, or I learned then after seeing them used a few times.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 15.49.39

It is like Bliu Bliu understands me and knows me after only one week using it. The best texts are the ones with just 1-2 unknown words and this is what I get now, so I am constantly learning new words.

My favorite playlist so far is Recorded by Natives. Not only do you read the text, you can listen to it. In the beginning of learning a new language, it’s important that you get as close to the language as possible. Listening to the language, instead of only reading it, brings me closer to it.

“Good morning” topic was added the second week into the challenge. This topic is similar to Easy Content in difficulty, so for me as a beginner it is great. Good Morning is also fantastic because you really can relate the texts to your everyday life, and especially your morning routine.

Look at this picture, even as a beginner you will understand some words and maybe even understand the all sentence.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 10.49.48

What I like the best though

What I really like when I learn a new language is to speak. To speak without fear. No fear of making mistakes. I have had this fear every time before learning another language. I wouldn’t talk to people until I knew the grammatically correct form of each word. I would study 90% of the time and talk 10%. This made learning much longer earlier.


Now learning Italian with Bliu Bliu is great, since I don’t study more than 10-20% of my learning time. 80-90% goes to speaking and I’m learning Italian faster than any other language I have learned before. That is partly thanks to all the word friends from English and Spanish. The biggest part, though, is thanks to this new  Bliu Bliu style of learning.

I cannot stop feeling amazed how great it works. It is truly a great feeling when you develop a product for others, and when you use it yourself it knocks you off your feet.

Join the Italian in 30 Days Challenge

Learn Italian in 30 Days


Italian in 30 days – Week 2 Day 4

The challenge is going on and Muezz is learning. Yesterday he had a meeting with 5 other students in a bar in Vilnius and they spoke all night just in Italian. And this is just after 2 weeks of studying the language

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 13.30.54

It’s nice to see people spontaneously uploading their videos where they speak Italian.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 13.48.44

How is Muezz doing

After 11 days Muezz knows 1704 words in Italian
10/20 minutes average time on Bliu Bliu
25.000 Italian words seen.

-muezz https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_muezz_it_

Join the next challenge

Join the next 30 Days Challenge

Here some more stats from other students in the challenge

- lucy - tom https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_005bq3_it_ -airida https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_0053ig_it_ -Andrew -christian https_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_001wuh_it_ -jolitahttps_bliubliu.com_en_learning_bb_005604_it_

Bliu Bliu – Frequently Asked Questions


Bliu Bliu is freemium. You can use Bliu Bliu for free in blocks of 5 minutes. When your time is over you can decide to:

  1. become premium for unlimited access
  2. wait 5/10 minutes to get more free minutes
  3. record some text in your native language to get free minutes
  4. share Bliu Bliu with your friends to get free minutes

bb - payment


The initial level test serves two purposes

  •  it shows how to use the system
  • it predicts your level

During the level test you have to tell Bliu Bliu if you can recognize 12 words
These 12 words are shown using a Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5) and they change dynamically, depending on your choices. If you don’t know a word, next words we show you are easier words. If you know a word, next we show you more difficult words.
During the test, Bliu Bliu tries to estimate your level based on your clicks

  • did you know all the words shown?
  • did you know very low frequency words?
  • did you know just some of them?
  • did you have trouble with high frequency words?

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 13.34.27

The number shows how many words more you can already understand. For some languages this is very accurate, for other less.

The level test is just a starting point. Bliu Bliu now predicts that you can easily recognize these words and it will show them as EASY instead of DIFFICULT (red). Your level gets constantly recalculated while you use Bliu Bliu, adapting and making more accurate prediction about your level.


Translations are not so accurate, we know it.
We use a Google Translate integration and this is accurate only some of the time. You can get a good translation and you can get an horrible translation. Bad translations are more common when you try to translate a single word instead of the entire paragraph.
What to do?
On Bliu Bliu content should be so easy that you can understand them without using the translation.

Use translations as an extra tool
The possiiblity to translate words is just an extra tool.
The beauty of using Bliu Bliu is the possibility of using the language without having to translate anything.

Google Translate is an extra help that you need to use carefully.


Bliu Bliu uses a simple metaphor

  • Words in RED are words you don’t know – DIFFICULT
  • Words in GREEN are words you know – EASY.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 13.40.31

Bliu Bliu collects all your words and based on your clicks:

  1. predicts more words that you can probably understand
  2. finds content at your level, containing at least 90% of easy words
  3. helps you learning the words you don’t know, pushing your level up


When you join Bliu Bliu we don’t know much about your level. After the first level test, Bliu Bliu has information about your knowledge on 12 words. But what about the other 10.000 words in the language? (there are more words in most languages…but let’s use 10.000 for this example)

When you come to Bliu Bliu we don’t know anything about your knowledge. The more words you collect, the more Easy words you click, the better Bliu Bliu can predict how many of the 10.000 words you will already understand.
Sometimes we will show you a word for the first time and it’s already been clicked for you, because we think it will be easy and you will understand it without problem.

  • If you don’t change our prediction, when you go next you get the word added to your count.
  • If you click on the word and switch it to RED, we won’t add it to your word count.

When you have used Bliu Bliu for a week or two, the prediction becomes minimal and we use only real information gathered from your clicks.


Prediction simply based on the frequency of the words is not perfect but is better than nothing. It’s a good start.
Especially if the frequency list is accurate. Using lots of newspaper will create a different list than movies, for example.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 13.51.50

Bliu Bliu predicts your knowledge also based on the other languages you know. Word friends (cognates) can boost your experience as a beginner – If you know English and you are studying Italian, Bliu Bliu knows that some words will be easier even for a total beginner (problem, giornalista, politico, parlamento, presidente…)

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 13.55.49

Bliu Bliu predicts your knowledge based on grammar. If you can understand play you will probably understand playing.

Bliu Bliu is also listening and checking what every single student is doing. We look for patterns, similarities among students. Bliu Bliu is smart enough to correct himself and stop predicting that a word is EASY when enough people change it to DIFFICULT.


Bliu Bliu needs to know your level. Why?
When we know your level we can find for you texts/audios/videos that you can already understand. We can find books of 300 pages that use only words that are easy for you. We can find movies using only easy words for you. The same with news, jokes, music.

Every time you click on a word to tell if it’s easy/difficult two things happen
1 now we know perfectly if you know or don’t know this word.
If you marked it EASY we will use it more to find easy content for you
If you marked it DIFFICULT we will try to find easy content that also have this word inside, to make it easy for you to learn in context.

2 base on your EASY/DIFFICULT words, we can make prediction on all the words in the language that you still haven’t encounter on Bliu Bliu.


Bliu Bliu is in Beta and uses lots of content provided by users. At the same time Bliu Bliu learns from other students and provide better and better content.
For some languages, especially the ones we don’t know very well, we don’t offer a big variety of content.
You can help us finding good content. It’s very easy to add thousands of new phrases or videos if we know where to find them. And if you find something wrong, simply copy paste the link and we will fix it.


What Bliu Bliu does, very powerfully, is to help you to understand a language very fast. You will not only be able to read the language faster, you will be able to turn on the TV and understand more, listen to the radio and understand more, partecipate in a conversation and get the meaning of what is said way faster.
Bliu Bliu boosts your understanding power, making it easy to communicate because you can’t have a conversation if you don’t understand what the other people are saying.
You might know how to ask “WHERE IS THE TOILET” but if you don’t understand the answer, your question has no use.

We can’t claim that you will speak a language after using Bliu Bliu. Bliu Bliu software is not enough to speak a language and this is why we constantly run 30 days challenge to integrate Bliu Bliu with in person study.


Bliu Bliu works for several reasons.
1 It facilitate the way you consume the language
Bliu Bliu shifts the attention from studying a language to using a language. On Bliu Bliu you don’t study the language, what you do is using the language by consuming real authentic content. Text/Audio/Video made for the natives and selected for you if they match your actual level.

2 You feel confident
All our users report the same feeling: confidence. On Bliu Bliu you feel good because at any moment you can see with your eyes that the language is not so hard as you thought and that there is actually so much that you can already understand.
Instead of focusing on content with so many unknown words, it finds content with few DIFFICULT words.

3 Incidentally/deliberately
You can focus on a specific word and try to learn it but this is not how our brain words. When you are provided with stories that you can understand, your brain in the background does all the work of creating a network of meanings, storing the words in the right positions.
You don’t realize it but while reading on Bliu Bliu you are learning so many words, how they are used, when they are used. You also learn the grammar this way, how rules work and the different structures of the language.
And yes, this is very similar to the way we learn languages when we are children.


Please do!
For more than 100 languages we provide content as books, jokes, music videos, news and much more.

  • You can upload your ebooks
  • You can copy paste any texts
  • You can copy paste the words and a link to a video

Bliu Bliu will help you navigate your content.
We mark in RED words that are difficult for you
We offer inline translation (words/paragraphs)
We have a community of native to voice over your content.

Premium users can upload unlimited content

Day 2 Italian in 30 days

Season 1 Episode 2

Our Goal

Record a 1 to 3 minutes video where we speak only in Italian.
Mistakes are more than welcome, the more we make, the better it is.

TIPS of the day

Keep exploring Italian content on Bliu Bliu

  • Stick to “Most Popular” and “Easy” playlists (for beginners)
  • “Jokes” is a very good playlist (for intermediate)
  • “Music video”

Bliu Bliu will boost your understanding of the language and will feed you with interesting phrases that you can use in your video.


Learn Italian in 30 Days

Italian in 30 days s01e01

hi everybody

welcome to Italian in 30 days. This is season 1 episode 1 (day 1)

Today we are aiming for a warm up on Bliu Bliu:

  • get to know the language
  • find patterns and structures
  • get familiar with pronunciation
  • collect lots of word friends (cognates) to make exposure more gentle
  • gather feedback

What Claudio thinks about it

I really enjoyed the 3 minutes conversation with Muezz. We had no rehearsal, no script, he had no idea what I was about to say. I made it easy for him, of course. In fact the real challenge in the beginning is on me, on the native, to make sure Muezz can talk most of the time on the video and I give him the right hints and guidance.

What Muezz thinks about it


Tips on Bliu Bliu

  • translations are not the best, don’t rely on single word, always translate the paragraph but most important, try to understand the meaning of the all paragraph. If it’s too hard – skip it


Learn Italian Language in 30 days

Last Friday we were in the office and we decided that it was time to do something crazy: learn Italian in 30 days, while living in Vilnius.

Learn Italian in 30 Days

We sent a newsletter and few minutes later more than 200 people replied asking to join the challenge. We selected 50 and from today we will all learn Italian for 30 days.

We will use a combination of

  • Bliu Bliu (10 to 60 minutes a day)
  • Asking questions on a FB Group where natives/students will answer
  • Conversation with natives (face to face // skype // facebook)
  • Interactions between students (face to face // skype // facebook)

Enter Muezz

My name is Muezz, I am 26 and I live in Vilnius, Lithuania.
I speak Swedish, my native language, I am fully fluent in English and I can also speak Chinese, Japanese and a tiny bit of Spanish. I decided to start this new experiment “Italian in 30days” because I cannot say no to challenges. But also because I think it’s possible to learn a new language in a short time, without studying and while enjoying.

I don’t believe in the traditional approach of language learning. I like to engage in conversations with natives to improve my skills. For this project, I will use a combination of talking + Bliu Bliu, 10 to 60 minutes a day.

Enter Claudio

I am Claudio, one of the founder of Bliu Bliu. I have been dealing with language learning for the last 3 years.
As a native Italian, I am up to the challenge to facilitate Muezz job and help him learning Italian by having as much fun as possible.

Follow us

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Record for free minutes feature

At Bliu Bliu you can study for free if you share our page with your friends or, even better, if you help us to create the audio version of the best texts we have.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.53.51


A user suggests:

The “record for free minutes” feature is a great idea, and the principal could work, but the conversion really isn’t worth it. Consider offering a better rate of minutes, so at least the minutes users spend developing your platform will equate to minutes for using/learning.

We have the possibility to upgrade certain users to give more free minutes for every word they record. We only want to check first the quality and then reward the best voices. Motivation is crucial here.

We don’t want only radio voices but at least happy voices recording. The initial rate is low for a reason, we want to filer who is not so much into recording their own voice.

And we already upgraded several users. Do you think you have a nice voice and you would like to study languages for free? Welcome on Bliu Bliu

Learn Lithuanian with Claudio and Muezz

Learn Lithuanian with Claudio and Muezz

If you live in Lithuanian you have probably seen our videos.
We hacked an entire country to learn Lithuanian in a fun and effective way.

Learn Lithuanian with Claudio and Muezz

One private hour with us to explore tips and tricks to learn any language, especially Lithuanian.


The Mind Game
The Myths behind language learning
The Psychology of language learning
How to Study Languages
Why you need to avoid language courses
How to Practice Languages
How to talk with Natives // How to get Natives to talk to you
How to practice with Other students
Bliu Bliu, speed up your learning
Languages are everywhere

No more excuse – start learning now!


Learning Languages with Jokes

Are Jokes good content to learn languages? Let’s find out

At Bliu Bliu we love jokes.

Jokes can be very simple

Some jokes are told to kids and they can be very simple but still contain lots of interesting languages and references to the world.

Jokes are Short stories

Jokes are short stories, from the beginning to the end.
In few lines you get an entire situation described: people and places.
They cover a multitude of situations, from travelling, living at home, working places, school, relationships and so much more.

Jokes - cat lost

Lots of dialogues

People talk a lot in jokes. And they have very colourful and interesting dialogues
You can learn many verbs, words and expressions just by reading jokes.

Jokes are fun

We received hundreds (hundreds!) of emails by people telling us how happy they were to understand jokes in a foreign language. You think you don’t understand anything and then you come to Bliu Bliu and we show you that you can already understand a lot of jokes – even if you know only few hundred words.

Jokes talk a lot about sex

There is a lot of sex in jokes. Sometimes it’s explicit, sometimes is not. But humans love to tell jokes about sex, in every culture, every nation, every language.

Jokes - sex - moustache

Jokes use stereotypes

Jokes can be very offensive, especially versus specific categories.
Many cultures love to tell jokes about blondes. In Western Societies blonds are the target, in England, Australia and New Zealand apparently the Irish take the spotlight.
In Italy often the policemen (Carabinieri) are the target of jokes, or the French, English or Spanish.
They are the same jokes, the same stories, only Blonds = Irish = Italian = Belgian = Polish = Lawyer.

If you want to read Controversial Jokes you can expect it to be messy and potentially offensive.

Jokes tell about the culture

Jokes can really help to get to know the culture of a nation. You not only learn the language, the words and the expressions, you get to see the nation from the inside, with natives telling you about their fears, passions, obsessions and social problems.

Bliu Bliu loves good jokes

This is why we love jokes. We do understand people complaining and getting offended, some jokes are bad and indeed we constantly remove the bad ones.

tasteless offensive content

We don’t want tasteless offensive content to poison all the good content we have on Bliu Bliu.
If you browse our website and you find an offensive joke, let us know. We will remove it as fast as possible.
You can also report a joke if you don’t like and  the joke will be instantly removed.

Racist and offensive Jokes…they are not Jokes

Some jokes are racist and offensive. They are simply evil, created to attack a very specific group of people: about black people, about jewish, about homosexual and so on.
Bliu Bliu visited Tel Aviv last year and our Jewish friends started to tell us lots of Jewish jokes. They said that Jewish are the only one allowed to tell these jokes without sound offensive. And they are probably right.

Clearly these kind of jokes are terrible. Often they are simply stupid, violent and they don’t deserve to be in the joke category. Few of them are intelligent and fun. Very few. Very very few!
We don’t like this kind of jokes and we remove them from Bliu Bliu, no question asked.

What do you think?

Everything said, Jokes are still a wonderful and powerful way to learn a language and get to know the culture.

What do you think about it? Leave a comment down here