Can you teach a language you don’t know?

Can you teach a language you don’t know anything about?

Alice_rabbit hole

Can you build a system that starts from nothing and slowly becomes able to teach a language in a very efficient way, learning from users’ behaviour?

Brett is brushing up on his Afrikaans on Bliu Bliu.
And apparently he likes how things are going.

The beautiful part is that at Bliu Bliu we don’t even know the alphabet of the Afrikaans language but still….somebody finds it useful.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the Bliu Bliu pill – you stay in Wonderland and we show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.
Morpheus from The Matrix

Bliu Bliu is learning. We are getting better and better for more and more languages…languages we know nothing about!

How to learn Polish language: David’s Story

We started asking our Bliusers to share their secrets: how do you actually learn a language?
Today we are featuring David story, who managed to learn Polish while living in Georgia.

Enter David
How I learned Polish:
Back in 2006 when I have received scholarship to write research paper in Poland I decided to start learning early before my arrival date. In Georgia not in all places it is possible to learn Polish, subsequently I have started first collecting books (got one Russian-Polish-Russian dictionary), next started downloading Polish songs (different style) and lyrics, translating texts and learning while listening to original music. Music and text always goes easy for me, my guess is that it is possible to learn enormous amount of words through music, later I went further by buying CDs of Polish movies with English subtitles and listening to language. Also, reading articles about topics that I’m well aware of (human rights), it was quite easy to understand the context.
Later when I arrived in Poland of course it was not easy to talk, but I was able to understand basics of the language and later I have topped up my knowledge by attending language courses at Polish University.

Whatever, some basic grammar always necessary to know in order to start talking, next it is all about the way you decide to go, one through learning more vocabulary and another by learning more grammar and vocabulary together – depending how deeper person would like to learn the language.

Best Regards,


What about you? Share your story

Do you have a successful story about learning languages?
Are you still struggling?
Share your story at

Learn How to Cook

at Bliu Bliu we love to explore alternative ways to learn skills better. And of course, we are focused on language learning. How do you learn a language? Could it be the same way as we learn how to cook?

Salone del Libro – Torino

We are so excited and we can’t wait: we will take part in the International Book Fair in Turin – Italy, May 8th-12th. Bliu Bliu was selected among the 10 best startup in Europe related to the book world.

Where to find us

How to recycle millions of books to learn languages
(Come reciclare milioni di libri per imparare le lingue straniere)
Sala Book to the Future (padiglione 2)
13:00 Monday 12/Lunedì 12 Maggio

Grammar doesn’t work – how to improve your foreign language skills using jokes
(La grammatica non funziona, Come migliorare l’inglese usando le barzellette)
Sala Future Lab (area esperienziale – padiglione 2)
13:00 Thursday 8 May/giovedì 8 maggio
20:00 Friday 9 May/venerdì 9 maggio
15:00 Monday 11 May/domenica 11 maggio

If you are in Italy, especially in Torino, let’s meet and come and talk with us…

Pitch Challenge

Hey everybody, good news for you.

Winners on the wall

Bliu Bliu got #2 place at LOGIN conference.

6 Startups out of 30 got to the pitch challenge final

Dragdis won with an amazing pitch – and of course an amazing product.
Bliu Bliu 2nd place.

It was a great weekend, great people, great networking and many interesting new ideas.

See you next year

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Hungarian love

Today we want to thank the folks at

We don’t understand hungarian in our office in Vilnius but apparently they are using Bliu Bliu in a project to get level C1 proficiency.

Német_C1_projekt_összefoglaló_I____Öt_év_-_öt_nyelv____Szórakoztató_nyelvtanulás 2

From the other website mentioned, we can see they are very serious and the project will definitely succeed!

Keep on learning languages.

Pitching Training

Yesterday Bliu Bliu is pitching with mentors from Startup Sauna, Helsinki.

We are getting ready for Login, the biggest tech conference in the Baltic. Come and talk with us, Thursday 10th and Friday 11th April 2014

Not everyone learns languages the same way. And it is ok.

We love our users. We really love them. Here is what Marjaana from Finland shared on her Facebook

Not everyone learns languages the same way. And it is ok.
I learn them by listening and throwing in words. It is a bit like music. I just go with the flow, listen and improvise. I learned to communicate with a Romanian person in two months starting from zero. Neither of us had any language together. The language we eventually came up with does not really exist, but these days we get by easily, face to face or on the phone. But if someone asked me ANY rule of Romanian grammar, I’d have no clue whatsoever. Because I simply could not care less.
Some people are different. They like their details, their grammar, their step by step tutorials, their “this language is a member of this and that family of languages and these are the rules”, their noun classes and what ever. Well that does NOT work for me. If you happen to be like me, and would like to learn a new language, try BliuBliu. It really works.

We really don’t know what to add to this…maybe a kiss!

Words are important

Words are so beautiful…and they are so important when you learn another language.

My Words – Your Words – Our Words

The biggest update we made last week is the playlist “My Words

You can copy paste list of words you want to learn and Bliu Bliu will help you learning them, via surfing or drilling.

How to use “My words”

An example on how I use “My Words” feature on Bliu Bliu.
I would really love to understand this article from Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. I can tell an accident happened to this tram but well, I would like to know more about it.
I simply copy/paste the article into My Words and this is what I get:
Bliu_Bliu___Learn_Languages_The_Smart_Way____ 3
Now I refine my level, clicking the words I already know to tell Bliu Bliu my actual level.
After that, Bliu Bliu starts to find content on the Internet, at my level, where these words are used, to make it easy for me to learn them, in context.

How many words you know?

When we learn a new language, sometimes it feels like words are the only thing separating us from being a beginner or advance, or fluent.
How many words do you remember? How many can you understand?

Words you know

It’s easy to track how many words you know, how many we think you know and how many you don’t know.
Make sure your words keep growing, day after day.

Words you already know: words you told Bliu Bliu you know. We make sure you see more of them
Words Bliu Bliu thinks you know: words that we predict will be easy for you to understand
Words you marked as unknown: words you explicitly said that you don’t know

TIP: use My Words as a topic filter

When you copy/paste in “My Words” specific words related to a topic, you will be able to drill/surf very specific content, always related to a topic you are interested in….