Experience Buenos Aires differently in 5 steps

Being one of the greatest cultural centres of the world, Buenos Aires is impossible to explore through and through. No matter how many times you’ve visited, you’ll always find new theatres to visit, alleys to explore, festivals to take part in or places to hang out at. That’s why no guide is ever going to tell you how to enjoy Buenos Aires the best. Nevertheless, here are five steps to experience Buenos Aires differently, especially if you aren’t satisfied with just the most popular destinations.

1. First time in Buenos Aires? A Bike Tour Through History

Buenos Aires 5 steps experienceIs there a better way to get familiar with any city than by exploring it on your own? Probably just one – a tour with a witty and knowledgeable guide who will tell you all about it. Note that you’ll have to pay a little for this convenience. However, the price is very low for all that you will get. You’ll be riding the streets of Buenos Aires for half a day (don’t worry, there will be occasional breaks) and learn about the city’s history, various landmarks and architecture on the way.

It’s a great way to exercise both your muscles and your brain! The tour will take you to the most renowned places, such as El Obelisco, Plaza de Mayo, Palermo, Sen Talmo and others. Once you’re done, you’ll be quite familiar with the city and ready for the things that many tourists tend to miss. So, read on if you’re interested.

2. Fería de Mataderos

buenos aires gaucho feria de mataderosIt would be a sin to miss the Fair of the Mataderos if you’re visiting on Sunday. That’s because once a week for all year round you can see the real Argentinian spirit. Witness gauchos and tango dancers let themselves loose in the streets. Check out traditional crafts and cuisine of Argentina. Watch horse races, folklore shows, guitar concerts and exhibitions or even learn to ride a horse yourself! Entrance is free, too, so it’s a must-see.

3. Ciudad Cultural Konex

buenos aires nightlifeLooking for a place to party? Look no further than Ciudad Cultural Konex. The amazing concerts draw lots of locals as well as other visitors to this place. The foods and drinks are not too expensive and the atmosphere will make you forget everything else. We especially recommend going there on Monday because that’s the day of La Bomba de Tiempo drum shows. Much like the Fair of the Mataderos, these spectacular drum shows are essential for a full experience of the local culture.

Needless to say, this is also the perfect place to practice your Spanish in a lively and friendly environment.

4. Tierra Santa

buenos aires discover christianity parkHave you ever been to Jerusalem? If you haven’t, you can find it in Buenos Aires. More specifically, in Tierra Santa theme park that brings various figures and events from the Bible to life. Walking in this park, you will feel like in a historical film or, better yet, like you were living during the time when Christianity was just around the corner. Except that it’s static. Nevertheless, the plastic Romans, Jesuits and other figures look remarkably lively and impressive. The highlight of this park is 40-foot tall Jesus rising from Golgotha.

5. Xul Solar Museum

buenos aires xul solarXul Solar was a local painter, sculptor, writer and inventor of two artificial languages. This alone is probably reason enough to build a museum dedicated to such an artist. His paintings, reminiscent of Pablo Picasso, are exceptionally mystical or even esoteric, depicting alternate universes and things that most other people could hardly imagine. He also aimed to create a universal language for South America.

Among his other projects is a piano modified to make it easier to learn to play one. You will find most of the artefacts Xul Solar left behind after his death at 1963. And you’ll definitely not find anything like this anywhere else in the world.

Want to improve your experience in Buenos Aires? Learn the basics of Spanish. You won’t believe the difference it can make.