Share your summer moments with us

Share your summer moments with usIt’s summer!! Okey, the weather in Lithuania right now is not the best, however IT’S SUMMER!!! And we want to invite you to share your summer moments with us!

We’re very curious to find out how the summer is going for you, if you had any big or small trips, interesting projects, precious moments, visited any interesting places – in other words WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO THIS SUMMER SO FAR?

Send us your pictures at with short stories, any tips that you have for summer activities, for places to go to, things to see or do and all summer we will be sharing your stories on our blog, Facebook and Instagram with a #bliubliuersummer.

So let us begin:

Milda, Community Manager at Bliu Bliu







Milda LOVES camping and she wants to share the ingredients of successful camping with you:

  • Friends
  • Friends
  • More good friends and good mood
  • And all the remaining details like tens, sleeping bags, air beds (if you’re looking for comfort, in that case don’t forget the air pump), something to make fire with, something to cook in, plenty of food and drink, fresh water!, a knife!, summer clothes for daytime and warm clothes for nighttime, anti mosquito spray!!, candles and torches, guitar (if anyone knows who to play it, otherwise, better leave it at home)
  • Many games like football or volleyball ball, playing cards, frisbee, rackets and similar. 

And the best tip – get there early and get the best spot for your tent!

Enjoy camping this summer!

Indre, Social Media Manager at Bliu Bliu


Cosmic Milky Way in Anyksciai




Indre has been very busy exploring interesting places in Anyksciai in Lithuania. If you are in Lithuania, you should definitely go to Anyksciai and in addition to Tree Top Walking Path and Puntuko Akmuo (which is the biggest stone in Lithuania) also explore Labyrinths’ Park and “Cosmic” Milky Way exhibition.

Odeta, Head of Marketing at Bliu Bliu

You can lay bricks too

IBuilding home doesn't have to be expensiven addition to the trip to Rhodes, which I described in previous post and the Pita Gyros that you should definitely try if you are around Greece or Greek food, I am also reconstructing a house this summer.

My best advise is that you don’t really need people who are demolishing walls or laying bricks! It’s easy to do it all by yourself! :-) The most important thing is to watch a lot of Youtube videos on how to do these things and Voilà! You will save thousands of € or $ or £ and a new home won’t cost you a fortune.

So what have you been up to this summer? Send us your stories to and we will share them with the whole community to have fun, enjoy and celebrate together! #bliubliuersummer!