Bliu Bliu Community Manager

Hey you out there

  • do you love languages?
  • do you have 5/8 hours available everyday?
  • do you live in Vilnius?

Become Bliu Bliu Community Manager

We are looking for a Community Manager to make our users happy and offer them the best language learning experience ever created.
So far it was possible for our CEO to keep a personal relationship with most of the users, replying to every single email. But recently Bliu Bliu started to grow faster, our challenges got very popular and we can’t handle all of this alone – we need you.
Being a Community Manager doesn’t require much creativity: it involves doing the same 5/10 things over and over again. But, but…

  • you will be involved with a product dealing with 105 languages
  • it will talk daily with people learning languages, guiding them to get the best experience
  • you will have to use Bliu Bliu quite much, having the chance to learn languages while working



You will be responsible of our inbox.
You will be able to answer most of the messages
For some of the emails you will only have to forward them to the right person inside the team.


You will be responsible for our 30 days challenges, to make sure they are running smoothly.
Before a challenge begins, you will make sure everybody received an email with instructions .
One day before the challenge, you will create the FB group and invite the students to join the group.
During the first week of the challenge, you will poke inactive students to make sure they understand what to do.
You will update 3 times/week the students progress inside the FB groups.
You will communicate with the Host (the native person in charge of the challenge) to make sure everything is all right.
During the entire challenge you will help and support the host, clarifying any doubt they have on what to do.


You will be responsible of uploading new content on Bliu Bliu (texts/audios/videos).
Content will be provided by the hosts of the challenges or our community of volunteers.
You will make sure we have content suitable for total beginners. If not, you will poke our community to create new fresh texts/videos.


As a community manager you will be responsible of the quality of the languages.
You will always have a clear pictures of the kind of content we have in all languages.
We will provide you with tools to improve the quality of our languages.


  • being organized
  • being able to work from our office at least half of the day
  • being kind, with both our nice users and our not so nice ones
  • being able to deal with caos
  • being able to update a Facebook page and keep post scheduled for 2 weeks in advance
  • being able to admin several Facebook groups (temporary, we are moving everything into our own community inside Bliu Bliu)
  • able to use Google Drive, both Docs and Excel.
  • able to use Google Calendar

90% of the time your work will be planned
10% of the time your work will be unplanned/emergency related

If you are interested, drop us an email at