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When we started Bliu Bliu 30 days Challenges we didn’t know what to expect. We tested the structure, the approach and the results have exceeded our expectations and expectations of participants! However, with more people joining more Challenges in more languages, we need to dedicate more resource and more attention to guarantee the best experience for you. 

This, unfortunately, comes at a higher price for us and hence the Challenge price cannot stay the same. There is a number of reasons why we are increasing the price of the 30 days Challenges:

  1. Bliu Bliu has hosted Challenges for over a year now. All this time we were developing the content, structure and execution. Making sure that Challenges are optimised and provide the most effective results is our biggest task. That’s why we hire only the best people for improving the Challenges and your experience.
  2. We never stop developing the Challenges. They are organic and change according to your experience and preferences with more content created all the time to suite more divers needs. No two Challenges are the same and it takes us many hours to prepare them.
  3. The Challenges are guided by native-speaking Hosts. They personally engage with participants on a daily basis during the Challenge. It’s like having a personal tutor! We found that more engagement and support from Hosts is crucial for the success of each Challenge, hence we need to make sure that best Hosts are giving more of their time to us and to you.
  4. The Internet is full of language courses, however ours is the only one that provides such a real-life experience online so effectively!
  5. The combined experience of Challenge content, unlimited access to Bliu Bliu and guidance of a Host has more benefits than it might seem from the first look. During the Challenge you get invaluable tips & tricks that are just as handy to start learning any other language on your own! We are constantly searching the web and doing research to make sure that we give you only best advises.


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