Back to school in different parts of the world

Pencils back to schoolCongratulations with the 1st of September!

Also known as the first day of academic year and the day when pupils get back to school!

…at least here in Lithuania.

To our great surprise back to school is celebrated on different days across the glob!

So here are some fun facts about the academic traditions across the globe:

  • Lithuanian pupils come back to school on the 1st of September. It is also called Knowledge day. Many ex-Soviet Union countries share this tradition and return to school around the beginning of autumn. This includes Armenia, Estonia, Latvia, Moldova and Russia itself.
  • Many countries across the globe start schools year on the same day without celebrating the Knowledge day. Some of these are: China, Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, Macedonia, Mongolia, Somalia.
  • Quite a few countries start academic year during late August or early September. This applies to Great Britain, France, Belgium and some countries outside Europe like Mexico and numerous states of America.
  • Danish and Finnish schoolchildren go back to school in the first half of August.
  • Greece, Italy, Iran and Turkey choose to do so in mid or late September.
  • Pupils in Australia, Kenya, Malaysia, Singapore and South Africa go back to school in January!
  • Argentina, Chile, South Korea and Uruguay begin their academic year at the beginning of March.
  • Filipino schoolchildren do so in the first half of June, a time when many of their foreign counterparts end their “work” year!


There are many reasons for such a diversity. One of the main reasons is weather and climate. Northern hemisphere tends to stick to August and September. Southern hemisphere has an inverted schedule from our point of view. Below the equator it’s usual to return to school around January or February.

It might also have a connection with farming! Traditionally, during the harvest season people needed as many hands as possible. So it was inconvenient to let the children go to school before all the work at home was done.

However, that was a long time ago. Today the reason might be related to freedom instead of work. A school-free summer makes it possible for many people to go on vacations. That’s the season when people travel the most. So culture is another variable that influences this date significantly.

Such differences make us unique! So it doesn’t matter where you live. Whether you are going back to school today, in a few weeks or have been studying for months already.

We hope you enjoy your studies and finish them as a better version of yourself!


Remember that you can always expand your limits and reach for more. So go back to school with a goal and a smile in your face!