Bliu Bliu on your mobile

Many people on Blu Bliu have asked us multiple times about Bliu Bliu app and we have good news for you!

The good news is that the Bliu Bliu app is coming along and should be on your phone soon. We want to make it special and extra convenient for you to use so it is taking a bit more time than we expected.

The even better news is that there is an alternative to Bliu Bliu app in the meantime!

It’s an easy way to get the experience very similar to what Bliu Bliu app would be like now. We’re talking about bookmarking Bliu Bliu to your phone’s home screen. This way you can access the site with a single tap and start learning right away whenever you feel like it.

Once it is set up, you won’t even feel any difference between using an app and using a bookmarked mobile site from your phone’s home screen.

The set up is very easy and should take less than a minute to complete. So here are the instructions for Android and iOS:

Bliu Bliu for Android

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to Bliu Bliu homepage.
  3. Tap menu button and then tap “Add to Home screen”. If you’re using Firefox, this option will be available under Page options. Add to home screen Android
  4. Name the shortcut and tap “Add”.Screenshot_20160811-102202
  5. Bliu Bliu icon is now on your home screen. You can drag it anywhere you want, just like any other app.
  6. Tap it and enjoy Bliu Bliu!Bookmark on your home screen


Bliu Bliu for iOS (iPhone, iPad or other iOS device)

  1. Open Safari browser (unfortunately, other browsers for iOS don’t have this feature).
  2. Go to Bliu Bliu homepage.
  3. Tap the Share button.iOS home screen
  4. Tap the Add to Home Screen icon in the Share menu.add to bookmark
  5. After you name the shortcut you’ll be able to drag it around and place it wherever it is convenient for you, even in app folders.
  6. Tap the icon and enjoy Bliu Bliu!app on iOS

For both Android and iOS Bliu Bliu will open just as it does when you go to our mobile website. The only difference is that you won’t ever have to do it manually again!

We hope this alternative delivers the most convenient experience with Bliu Bliu until the app shows up.

Follow our blog for more updates and let us know if you have any feedback in comments section!

Bliu Bliu team