A Revolutionary Product

Exactly one year ago Bliu Bliu was just an idea, I wrote about it on a forum online. I didn’t even know what the word startup meant.

Today Bliu Bliu is a reality and we just imported countless hours of videos from YouTube (for now in english, more languages are coming).

Bliu Bliu finds for you real videos at your level, with real people talking to you and challenging you just a little bit. It could be a documentary about Italy, President Obama addressing the nation, a cooking class, a short video about the weather, one hour tv program about your favorite hobby.

We do all the job of finding content you can already understand, you just have to sit down and enjoy. Bliu Bliu makes you feel confident that you are actually making progresses, that you do understand the language you are trying to learn, and gently challenges you with only few unknown words.

every once in awhile
a revolutionary product comes along
changes everything
Steve Jobs

This is a real revolution and as every successful revolution on this planet, we are in the middle of a huge mess :)

But Bliu Bliu is a reality, Bliu Bliu is here to stay.

Bliu Bliu will change forever the way people learn a second language…and a third and a forth and a fifth…