The special year of 2016! Our recent achievements and hopes

Special Year 2016Tonight we’ll wave goodbye to 2016. A time that many people will sadly remember as the year of Brexit, Donald Trump and losses of people like David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Harper Lee, Umberto Eco, Leonard Cohen and many others. However, we have also many things to celebrate. We won’t focus on the losses. On the contrary, this year was extremely positive to us!

So while we’re looking forward to the future, we’ll miss 2016 very much. Because this year was probably the best year we’ve had so far! Why is 2016 so special to us?

Winning the World Summit Award 2016

Our summer started with a trip to Singapore where we went to accept the World Summit Award! We were selected from 440 projects competing in 8 categories and awarded as one of top 5 best e-learning solutions that are making social impact across the globe. Our victory was decided by over 150 professionals from around the world suggesting to us that our approach is among the most effective learning methods in the world! So it’s natural that such recognition means the world to us.

Learners from 98% of countries

80,000 different people used Bliu Bliu in 2016. For a start-up company like us, this number is something to be proud of. However, we want make our learning method popular worldwide. So we won’t stop until we add a few more zeros to this number.

All these people came from 192 different countries. Including such distant places as Bhutan, Fiji, Togo, Mayotte, Anguilla and many more. In fact, that’s roughly 98% of all the countries in the world!

192 countries bliu bliu

Millions of texts and thousands of hours

Language learners viewed over 2.5 million content pieces in 148 languages! They spent almost 22,000 hours on Bliu Bliu! A record that we plan to keep increasing every year. :)

30 Day language Challenges!

We offered 30-Day Challenges in 10 different languages in the duration of 2016. Over 800 enthusiasts picked up our invitations and learned a foreign language. They’ve spent over 150 hours on live group hangouts with Challenge hosts speaking on relevant subjects in their target languages. Respect to the hosts and congratulations to the learners! If you weren’t among them, join us in 2017!

Community behind Bliu Bliu

The community behind Bliu Bliu has grown significantly. We now work with 15 great individuals producing interesting and engaging content for our learners in 15 languages. With a backup like this, our creative juices are flowing like never before.

All these numbers are really fascinating. However, it’s not exactly numbers that we’re proud of. It’s the never-ending work that made these numbers a reality. We’re constantly working to maintain the quality of our content. To improve more and more languages in the future. To spread the word to more and more people across the world. We think we did quite well in 2016 and we’re ready for tomorrow. So bring it on!

Before you say goodbye to 2016, think of the most positive things in 2016 that happened to you. What are they? The world will be better off with some more positivity, even if it’s just a random message in a blog. So let us know in the comments!

Happy 2017